MRJ gets test landing gear


Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has received its first landing gear from Sumitomo Precision Products for use at the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) in-house testing facility.

This landing gear will be loaded on the iron bird (a hydraulic and flight control system rig) for testing within Oye Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, located in Nagoya.

Testing will include basic mechanical movements and interfaces with electrical signals. The landing gear will not be used for the flight test aircraft and is for in-house testing only.

“The delivery of this landing gear and related systems required both large-scale and highly precise, complex manufacturing procedures, the achievement of which is testimony to the steady progress of the MRJ programme, says the regional jet new entrant.

“Mitsubishi Aircraft will continue making every effort, together with its partners to complete the test aircraft and conduct the first flight.”

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