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AsianWeathernews Inc., in cooperation with the Vietnam Meteorological Hydrological Administration (VNMHA), will initiate the overseas deployment of high-frequency compact meteorological radar EAGLE, the first of which is to be installed in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first radar is scheduled for installation in Hanoi and commencement of operation by July 2022.

The EAGLE radar is a new meteorological radar that performs 3D observation of 50-km periphery in 30 seconds. The radar enables near real-time tracking of the development of cumulonimbus clouds within a 50-km radius, making it possible to capture severe rainstorms, wind gusts, hail, and other localised weather events with greater accuracy.

Weathernews and VNMHA will improve the accuracy of weather forecasts by installing an EAGLE radar in Hanoi to realise higher-resolution observations. Efforts will be made to enhance resilience, using the observation data as reference information for the early detection of flood risks and decision-making regarding the issuance of warnings. Observation data from the radar is also expected to be used in connection with railways, roads, airports, and other transportation infrastructure.

Weathernews and VNMHA entered into a strategic partnership in 2015 and have been undertaking various efforts to enhance urban resilience, including the sharing of meteorological data and installation of observation infrastructures. Vietnam is prone to tropical cyclones and tend to be affected by typhoons that develop over waters to the east of the Philippines. As a result, floods occur yearly in Vietnam, significantly impacting the lives of the its people as well as its socioeconomics.

Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration’s Dr. Hoang Duc Cuong said “Currently, Vietnam’s existing weather radar system cover the whole country. However, the terrain of Vietnam is complicated and there are mountainous areas, so it is difficult to detect local short-term heavy rain. The introduction of EAGLE radar will be a great support in detecting, monitoring, observing, and issuing warnings for clouds that cause localized heavy rainfall. Along with the radar equipment, we hope for Weathernews’s continued support in sharing the know-how, in utilisation and operation of the EAGLE radar in Vietnam. We hope that the cooperation between Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration and Weathernews Inc. will further develop in order to contribute to the reduction of disaster risk and sustainable economic development.”

Weathernews Inc. CEO Chihito Kusabiraki said “Enhancement of the cooperative relationship with the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration is extremely important for the global expansion strategy of Weathernews, particularly the technical cooperation such as radar and the development of new meteorological markets. In addition, since this initiative of private-public partnership in observation infrastructure is the first attempt in the global meteorological industry, it is also drawing WMO’s attention. From that point of view, I definitely hope for the success of this project. And above all, I hope that the EAGLE radar will help Vietnamese people’s lives and economic activities as much as possible by reducing the risk of natural disasters.”

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