Volocopter partners to bring UAM to Italy

Atlantia, Aeroporti di Roma
Atlantia, Aeroporti di Roma, and Volocopter announce partnership to bring electric air taxis to Italy, VoloCity at Event at Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. (PHOTO: Via Volocopter)

https://www.singaporeairshow.com/exhibit/participation-options?&utm_source=ventura_media&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=banner&utm_content=participation_option&utm_term=asian_aviationUrban air mobility company Volocopter said it has partnered with infrastructure holding company Atlantia and Aeroporti di Roma, the largest airport operator in Italy, to bring electric air taxis to Rome. Alongside the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and ENAV, the companies are pushing for sustainable innovation in aviation. Urban air mobility will be part of the solution for heavily congested city centers across the world. As an entirely new mobility service, it offers transportation for people and goods that is battery powered and thus emission free in flight. Together with the Italian authorities and regulators and with Atlantia’s full support, Aeroporti di Roma, and Volocopter will raise public awareness about UAM and pave the way to bring it to Italy within the next two to three years. In particular, the new service will connect the international hub Leonardo da Vinci  with various places in Rome, through vertical airports. This will allow to travel in comfort and quality, reducing greatly both the congestion of urban traffic and CO2 emissions, as the 18 engines of VoloCity operate in electric mode.

Rome is one of the first cities in Europe to commit to bringing urban air mobility services to their citizens with Volocopter. Paris committed to a collaboration to bring electric air taxis to the city in time for the 2024 Olympic Games.

“We are confident that the collaboration between ADR and Volocopter can give rise, in the short term, to important innovations from the industrial point of view. These two companies are strongly focused on the development of sustainable businesses and have a strong technical expertise. As Atlantia, we will continue to support the diffusion of Urban Air Mobility in our international hub in Rome and in our airport system of Nizza, Cannes and Saint Tropez, proud to be developing a new transport technology that we can then export to our other European airports, as well as on a global scale,” said Carlo Bertazzo, CEO of Atlantia.

“We have proven again and again that our aircraft are flying fully-scaled. Now, we are currently focusing on putting the UAM ecosystem in place in several cities, just like Rome, to host our fully electric mobility solutions upon certification,” says Christian Bauer, Chief Commercial Officer of Volocopter. “There could not be any better partners to bring this exciting mode of mobility to Italy than ADR, who are recognised to be one of the most innovative and sustainable airports in Europe.”

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