Vietnam’s FPT Software signs Skywise app deal

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(PHOTO: Airbus) IT firm FPT Software and aerospace giant Airbus have recently signed an agreement called Skywise App Editor Partnership, in an attempt to introduce innovative solutions to accelerate digital transformation in the aviation industry.

FPT Software will provide and deploy a new set of solutions on Airbus’s open data platform for the aviation industry, Skywise. By leveraging its capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and more, the Vietnam-based IT firm aims at assisting players in this sector to gain competitive edge and prepare for a green reboot after the pandemic. Specifically, these solutions can help optimise fluid consumption, reduce operational costs, enhance operations across various functions, including logistics, supply chain, crew management, aircraft maintenance, route planning and so on.

Scheduled to launch later this year and in early 2022, the solutions by FPT Software and Airbus are expected to support more than 140 airlines and 9,500 commercial aircraft worldwide.

According to FPT Chairman Dr Truong Gia Binh, this collaboration not only demonstrates FPT Software digital capabilities and market position as a trusted IT partner but also fosters common values between France and Vietnam. “I believe that the partnership between France and Vietnam’s leading companies can act as a trading bridge, enhance the two countries’ strategic cooperation and encourage collaborations between both sides’ businesses”, he added.

FPT Software and Airbus cooperation history dates back to 2017 when FPT Software became one of the first trusted IT partners that helped Airbus kickstart its Skywise ecosystem in the Asia Pacific. In 2019, FPT Software established its office in Toulouse, France, to better collaborate with Airbus in achieving its digital transformation goals. The two companies have joined forces in various initiatives to support several major aviation players to improve operational performance, ensure complete data continuity, and achieve savings of millions of dollars across the value chain.

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