Utility Air delivers Diamond DA40XLT aircraft to Flight Training Adelaide

(PHOTO: Utility Air)

Airline associationsUtility Air announced the successful sale and delivery of two state-of-the-art Diamond DA40XLT aircraft to Flight Training Adelaide (FTA). The sale, which was finalised last year, marks a significant milestone in FTA’s commitment to enhancing their pilot training programs.

The Diamond DA40XLT, known for its versatility, reliability, and advanced features, is a top choice among aviation enthusiasts. The two DA40 XLTs, equipped specifically for flight training purposes, offer unparalleled performance and safety characterisics, making them ideal for FTA’s training needs.

“We are delighted to deliver these two Diamond DA40XLT aircraft to Flight Training Adelaide,” said Stephen Pembro, Managing Director of Utility Air. “As a trusted partner, we are proud to contribute to FTA’s mission of providing exceptional pilot training experiences. These aircraft, with their innovative technology and exceptional performance, will undoubtedly elevate their training programs to new heights.”

The addition of these aircraft will provide numerous benefits to FTA’s training operations. The Diamond DA40XLT offers an all-composite airframe, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and excellent cruising speeds. Equipped with advanced avionics and flight instruments, these aircraft provide an enhanced learning experience for flight students, allowing them to develop crucial skills in communication, navigation, and situational awareness.

The Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite integrated into the Diamond DA40XLT ensures enhanced safety through features such as real-time weather information, traffic awareness, and terrain avoidance systems. This technology empowers FTA instructors to train aspiring pilots in the most realistic and up-to-date aviation environments.

Pine Pinaar, CEO of Flight Training Adelaide, expressed his enthusiasm for the arrival of the new aircraft, saying “These Diamond DA40XLT aircraft represent a significant addition to our training fleet of 74 aircraft. Their modern features and exceptional performance will enable our students to train in a superior learning environment, preparing them for successful careers in aviation.”


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