Tianjin Airlines launches E-Jet AHEAD-PRO


Tianjin Airlines launches E-Jet AHEAD-PRO

Embraer welcomes Tianjin Airlines, the first E190 Chinese operator and the largest E-Jets carrier in Asia, as the launch user for E-Jets AHEAD-PRO (Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis – PROgnosis) system in China. The system will be installed in all Tianjin Airlines fleet of 50 E-Jets.

“We are glad to have Tianjin Airlines as the first Chinese carrier adopting the Embraer’s AHEAD-PRO system, representing a new milestone in our long-term successful partnership,” said Siu Ying Yeung, Chief Operating Officer of Embraer China, “As the state-of-the-art maintenance diagnostic management tool, the system leads to corrective and preventive maintenance planning management optimization and had been well recognized by customers worldwide. Predict the unpredictable to make our aircraft always more available, is our customer support innovation driver.”

This system is the backbone of the future smart and fully integrated services that Embraer is currently developing in order to provide our operators with the most complete solution.

“Embraer AHEAD-PRO system offers us all functionalities to optimize the health monitoring process, from data acquisition to time-to-failure prognosis. It has been well proved that the system brings great benefits to our line maintenance operation and significantly increase aircraft dispatch reliability, which ultimately boosts our operation profitability,” said Hu Jianfeng, Vice President of Tianjin Airlines.

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