Thales launches biometric pod for border control

(IMAGE: Thales) has unveiled a new biometric system that it says can simplify processes and user experiences at borders. Thales says the new pod integrates iris and facial recognition and is available as a standalone unit or integrated into self-service solutions.

As the travel industry recovers, border authorities face the need to win in operational efficiency and user convenience. Biometrics have been used by authorities to simplify traveler experiences at borders, speeding up people enrolment and ID checks.

Featuring a camera and a high-resolution LCD screen, the biometric pod is able to recognise pre-enrolled travelers’ iris and face to a distance of 0.5m and up to a record of 1.5m, with an excellent accuracy. Boosted by AI, the solution captures dual iris and face in two seconds, leading to swifter operations and visibly shorter waiting queues. Thales biometric pods can be set at any borders check point (airports, seaports, etc.) managing both the first traveler enrolment upon arrival and quick biometric checks whenever required (upon territory exit, internal flights etc).

“The combination of biometric patterns applied to touch-less people authentication, is a sought-after solution for many stakeholders to address security, operational and convenience challenges. Thales relies on its in-house biometrics, border and smart travel expertise to design, develop and deliver top tier responsible biometric solutions to meet users’ expectations and authorities’ requirements”, said Youzec Kurp, vice president for  Identity and Biometric Solutions at Thales.

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