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Airbus advances AAM programme

Airbus and Munich Airport International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start marketing turnkey solutions to cities and regions interested in developing advanced...

Airbus names new partners for CityAirbus NextGen

Airbus is partnering with KLK Motorsport and Modell- und Formenbau Blasius Gerg GmbH to design, develop and manufacture the rear structure of CityAirbus NextGen....

Airbus partners with MAGicALL to develop electric motors of CityAirbus NextGen

Airbus has selected MAGicALL to supply the motors of the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft CityAirbus NextGen. Airbus’ eVTOL prototype will be...

Airbus partners with Spirit AeroSystems to develop wings of CityAirbus NextGen

Airbus has signed an agreement with Spirit AeroSystems through its subsidiary for the development of CityAirbus NextGen’s wings. This partnership will support Airbus’ exploration...

Thales, Diehl join Airbus to develop flight computers for CityAirbus NextGen

Airbus has signed a trilateral agreement with Thales and Diehl Aerospace for the joint development of the flight control computers of CityAirbus NextGen. The...