Skyports signs MOU with Singapore’s Jurong Port to explore drone deliveries from ship to shore

(IMAGE: Skyports), an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure developer and drone delivery services operator, and Jurong Port, the operator of Singapore’s only multi-purpose cargo port, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the development of ship-to-shore infrastructure at Jurong Port.

The MOU is a significant milestone for the development of large-scale drone delivery operations in Singapore, and expands on Skyports’ ongoing work in the country’s bustling maritime sector. The MoU will draw on Skyports’ global experience of building take-off and landing infrastructure for cargo drone deliveries to explore how drone delivery technology can be integrated into the existing logistics and cargo operations of Singapore’s Jurong Port.

Yun-Yuan Tay, head of Asia-Pacific at Skyports, said, “Tremendous progress has been made in the arena of maritime drone delivery services over the past year, and infrastructure development is the next critical step to truly realising the vast opportunities afforded by large-scale drone delivery services. We are honoured to be partnering with an industry stalwart like Jurong Port, as we work closely to take tangible steps towards designing Singapore’s first full-scale infrastructure development project with one of the country’s most experienced port operators. We look forward to strengthening our partnership in the years ahead, to bring heightened efficiency, safety and overall value to the shipping and logistics industry.”

Over the next year, Skyports and Jurong Port will commence joint studies to determine the feasibility and development of plans for cargo drone delivery operations and related infrastructure at Jurong Port. The trials will be carried out simultaneously with ongoing port operations. At the same time, Skyports will lead in the engagements with relevant public sector organisations, regulators, and private entities to further the development of critical regulatory frameworks for the deployment of large-scale cargo drone delivery services.

Walter Lin, assistant vice president, Business Units: Breakbulk & Lighters, Jurong Port said, “Drone delivery technology has demonstrated its ability to enhance the maritime industry’s processes, and the development of its supporting infrastructure will be crucial in transforming the future of maritime logistics and shipping. As one of the world’s busiest anchorages, Jurong Port is constantly looking out for solutions that will benefit the shipping and maritime industry. We believe that drone delivery technology will play an integral role in the evolution of our next-generation port and is thrilled to partner Skyports in a feasibility study for commercial drone deliveries.”

Ng Yi Han, Director (Innovation, Technology and Talent Development), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore said, “The MoU between Jurong Port and Skyports represents yet another important milestone towards commercialisation of maritime ship-to-shore cargo drone delivery. Drone delivery will bring about faster delivery times, higher labour productivity and reduced emissions. We look forward to supporting our partners as the maritime industry continues to leverage technology innovation to strengthen its efficiency  and resilience.”

Jurong Port is a provider of best-in-class multipurpose port services, having served Singapore for more than 50 years as the main point of entry. The company handles bulk, break-bulk and containerised cargo, and manages tens of thousands of vessel-calls annually in Singapore’s sole multi-purpose port.

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