SIRAX/ONE Order from Lufthansa Systems supports airlines in transition to IATA standard

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Flight SafetyWith NDC (New Distribution Capability), ONE Order and Settlement with Orders (SwO), IATA has introduced new industry standards. These significantly reduce distribution and revenue accounting costs for airlines and at the same time enable revenue increases through additional sales and personalised product marketing. Lufthansa Systems is taking up this development in its product portfolio. SIRAX/ONE Order is based on IATA standards, offers simplified financial processes, and covers accounting, settlement and reporting.

“The central challenge for airlines is the inevitable transition phase in which legacy structures and order transactions have to be processed in parallel. As a service provider, it is our goal to support customers in this transition phase in the best possible way. With our approach, we offer an integrated overall solution in which the legacy world is processed in the classic revenue accounting system and the order transactions in our new SIRAX/ONE Order,” says Sebastian Holfert, Senior Product Manager at Lufthansa Systems.

SIRAX/ONE Order can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively with any order management system. It uses Go as the programming language and is operated in a cloud-based environment with microservice architecture with continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Airlines can realize cost savings of up to 70 percent using lean and highly automated order processes based on the latest technology and by reducing implementation time and maintenance requirements. In addition, SIRAX/ONE Order offers real-time decision making with real-time order accounting and settlement, eliminating the extensive accounting process in the backend.

The new standards give airlines full control over their product range, make them independent of global distribution systems and enable them to contact customers directly through their own distribution channels. This means that today’s end-customer expectations for a simple booking and payment process as well as personalised offers can be easily achieved with the order-based solutions from Lufthansa Systems.

As Lufthansa Systems follows a modular approach based on the IATA reference architecture, they create complete and flexible end-to-end Offer and Order Management solutions for airlines in cooperation with other providers. These partnerships allow Lufthansa Systems to further advance order-based processing and to modernize the retailing, delivery, and accounting of airlines. OpenJaw Technologies is just one example of a provider that Lufthansa Systems partners with. The combination of the Offer and Order Management platform t-Retail from OpenJaw Technologies and the financial management solution SIRAX/ONE Order from Lufthansa Systems creates an end-to-end solution based on Offers and Orders that encompasses airline retailing, order management, delivery, order accounting and settlement.


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