Singapore’s SATS works to cut food packaging waste

ID9979-VVS-SATS_PandanLoop-5445-DIHI-1-696x464 (1) SATS Ltd. announced it has, through its subsidiary, Country Foods, teamed up with Hilton Food Group to redesign Country Foods’ protein processing capability in Singapore. The collaboration also extends to the supply of proteins from Hilton Foods to Country Foods.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals to promote responsible consumption and production and acting on climate change, SATS has the ambition to halve food waste intensity in Singapore operations from the 2021 baseline by 2028 and introduce 100% sustainable packaging by 2030. This exclusive collaboration will leverage Country Foods’ local market expertise and wide distribution network, and Hilton Foods’ known expertise in sustainable protein processing and production. The partnership is expected to enhance Country Foods’ operational efficiency and sustainable packaging capability to offer its foodservice and retail customers better quality products that are sustainably packaged. 

Stanley Goh, Chief Executive Officer of Food Solutions at SATS, said, “Increasingly, customers are demanding packaging solutions that are sustainable. Hilton Foods is the best-in-class partner with the know-how and technology to drive scale and productivity in large scale protein processing. They have the capability to produce packaging that does not require the separation of materials for recycling, and packaging for chilled proteins that do not need soaker pads. That eliminates a lot of packaging waste. We believe this partnership will help SATS and Country Foods advance our sustainability goals.”

Hilton Foods is an international multi-protein producer with headquarters in the United Kingdom. The Group owns 24 processing facilities globally and supplies to 19 countries in Europe and Australasia. They are a leading specialist in meat processing with expertise in delivering customised solutions in their integrated, technology-driven production facilities. Hilton Food’s customer base includes market leading retailers across Europe and Asia Pacific.

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