Singapore’s Aircraft Flight Simulators opts for Lido FMS

Lufthansa Systems
(PHOTO: Lufthansa Systems)

Airline associationsLufthansa Systems announced that Aviation Safety and Training Singapore Pte. Ltd., a high-technology based training solutions provider and the international headquarters of HAITE Group, has signed a contract to use Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Flight Management System (FMS) NavDB Service as the aeronautical data solution for one of their advanced aircraft flight simulators.

Lido FMS is a reliable and accurate flight management system that has been widely adopted by pilots and airlines worldwide. The system provides pilots with ongoing access to relevant flight information, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. With Lido FMS, pilots gain access to certified aeronautical data with worldwide coverage, which improves their flying experience and increases flight safety.

By incorporating Lido FMS into their flight simulator, Aviation Safety and Training Singapore provides its users with the advantages of this reliable navigation tool in a simulated setting to improve their training and preparation. Their simulators for pilot training have a positive impact in the preparation of pilots for future roles in commercial airlines.

“The closer a pilot’s training is to flying an actual aircraft, the better the pilot will be prepared for every eventuality. That is why we strive to constantly enhance our simulators. With Lufthansa Systems’ Lido FMS, we can now provide our pilots in training with precise in-flight navigation data, which is fundamental for flight safety,” said Peter Zhao, General Manager from Aviation Safety and Training Singapore.

“We thank HAITE Singapore for selecting our Lido FMS services, and we look forward to supporting their Singapore operations and other areas in this new partnership,” said David Parrish, Vice President of Sales Southeast Asia and China from Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific.


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