Singapore selects paperless consortiums


Singapore has selected three consortiums to develop paperless airfreight processes as part of the e-freight@Singapore programme.

The three consortia selected by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) are led by;
• Innosys (Solution Name: “efreight@Singapore Integrating the Air Cargo & Logistics Supply Chain”).
• Kewill (Solution Name: “Kewill Electronic Shipment Processing”)
• Visiflex Pte Ltd (Solution Name: “Visiflex Cargo Cloud – VCC”)

All three solutions will use inter-operable platforms and standards for data exchanges, when these are fully implemented in 2014.

In an Air Freight Process Productivity Study commissioned by CAAS, it was found that implementing e-freight@Singapore will potentially achieve significant cost savings of S$18.4 million and improve overall productivity by 1.7 million man-hours annually at the national level.

The e-freight@Singapore programme aims to take the paper out of the air cargo
process and replace it with electronic data and messages. It seeks to capture data entered at source by shippers, and transmit the data electronically for re-use along the inter-connected supply chain involving other stakeholders such as freight forwarders, government agencies, airlines, and ground handlers.

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