SATS wins first INFORM Aviation Award


INFORM, a provider of hybrid AI-based optimisation software that facilitates improved decision-making, processes, and resource management, announced that it has recognised SATS, Asia’s leading provider of food solutions and gateway services, and the chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport, with its first INFORM Aviation Award.

INFORM Senior Vice President and Head of the Aviation Division Uschi Schulte-Sasse stated that the award was given to SATS in recognition of its innovative approach to implementing a complex software solution completely remote in close cooperation with INFORM’s team across continents. The award was presented to SATS Senior Vice President and Group Head of Technology Donald Lum at INFORM’s recent GroundStar User Conference 2022 in Seattle, Washington.

“As with many things, the global pandemic introduced many restrictions and travel bans which prevented INFORM’s international teams from implementing projects using our normal set-up of joint workshops and training sessions,” said Schulte-Sasse. “Our SATS project was barely signed when the pandemic hit. Thus, there was no familiarity with GroundStar at all, but the SATS team was highly motivated to be up and running when the COVID-19 restrictions lifted. With that said, together SATS and INFORM embarked on a new, pioneering approach wherein all implementation activities would be conducted virtually and fully-remotely, something unheard of before the pandemic.”

Despite the time and cultural differences, the SATS and INFORM teams worked to implement the INFORM software. Extensive joint digital sessions, full technical set-up, meetings, and trainings were conducted remotely. Full project and management activities were all done virtually. In the end, SATS even gained further valuable benefits from the remotely implemented project over the traditional method. Specifically, the combination of live and recorded sessions made reviews and follow-up training easier. Additionally, SATS had the option of relying on earlier training content and past configurations for iterations, as well as conveniently tracking them. From a fiscal standpoint, the elimination of considerable travel also generated cost savings.

In addition to proving that remote implementation of complex software projects is not only viable but beneficial, SATS’ fully-integrated and implemented software project has provided the organization with enhanced decision-making, increased productivity, improved performance, and better communications. It is now being used across 17 ground handling business units from pax services and aircraft cleaning, to ramp and tech ramp.

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