Record Year for IAI in Aircraft Conversion


Record Year for IAI in Aircraft Conversion:

Performs 75% of all Boeing 767-300’s Converted Worldwide in 2017;

Delivered the 100th converted B767-300

The past year has been a record year for IAI’s Bedek Division in terms of conversion of passenger airplanes to cargo configurations. Bedek concluded 2017 by delivering 22 converted airplanes to its customers. Throughout the world, 28 wide-body airplanes have been converted in 2017, of which IAI was responsible to 20 conversion projects. In the Boeing 767 segment, IAI converted 18 out of 24 airplanes converted around the world in 2017.

Converting passenger airplanes to cargo configuration is an intricate project that involves in-house engineering development, including analyses and proofs of concept in order to achieve the required licensing from the aviation authorities. IAI Bedek is considered as a global leader and has been converting various aircraft models for many years. Most of the airplanes converted this year were delivered to American clients.

IAI was the first in 2017 that received STC approval to convert the B737-700 first New Generation aircraft and has converted two airplanes of this model. The conversion work included the mounting of wide loading door on the airplane’s left side, adapting the air-conditioning system in the central cargo area and the installation of smoke detection system.

Additional airplanes converted this year included 18 Boeing 767-300’s, 2 Boeing 747-400’s and 2 Boeing 737-700 with FAA conversion permit. In 2017 Bedek crossed the 100 B767’s converted with more airplanes of this model awaiting conversion in 2018, a major accomplishment on a global scale.

In 2017, Bedek also opened a Boeing 767-300 conversion site in Mexico City, which is operated by Mexicana MRO Services. Two more conversion sites will open in 2018 in China. The joint venture with Chinese companies focuses on expanding the maintenance services for civilian airplanes and conversion into air freighters, laying the foundations for future joint ventures. The first conversion projects are expected to start in mid-2018.

Yossi Melamed, VP and director of Bedek Division, said, “Bedek marks a record year in conversion projects and is today the global leader in comprehensive passenger and cargo services. We are proud to offer one of the largest conversion centers in the world with capability for converting a range of aircrafts. We serve airplane leasing companies, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and air freight companies. Bedek’s modern facilities provide a broad, full-range maintenance and overhauling services for a range of airplane models.”



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