Qantas gets PED flight mode approval


Qantas gets PED flight mode approval

Qantas customers can now use their personal electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and music players in flight mode for the duration of each flight, following approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to revise its personal electronic device policy.

The change took place on August 26. Qantas Domestic Chief Executive Officer Lyell Strambi said the new changes were an exciting development in customer experience for the airline.

“Qantas has conducted vigorous testing to assess the impact of electronic devices on safe operation of aircraft. We are confident that these devices are safe to be turned on, but in flight mode, for the duration of each flight.”

He added: “Whether customers choose to listen to music, read their e-books or review work documents the introduction of gate-to-gate electronic access on Qantas flights is an exciting development to an already exceptional inflight entertainment service.”




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