Peach Starts Operations Leveraging Electronic Flight Bags


Peach Starts Operations Leveraging Electronic Flight Bags

Introducing improved operational quality leveraging the latest technologies

・   The first LCC in Japan to obtain approval for EFB
・   Prompt delivery of flight information for improved safety during operations
・   Reduced weight of aircraft for better fuel efficiency and reductions in CO2  emissions
・    Software  to  calculate  performance during takeoff and  landing for optimized operational efficiency

Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) has obtained approval from the aviation bureau regarding the use of electronic flight bags (EFB) and has announced that starting today, it has incorporated in its cockpits an iPad that is loaded with FlySmart with Airbus, a system offered by Airbus S.A.S. (Airbus) which provides aircraft performance calculations, and Jeppsen Flite Deck Pro, a chart rendering data delivery system from Jeppesen, and will digitalize print manuals which used by pilots during flights.

The EFB apps FlySmart with Airbus and Jeppesen Flite Deck Pro were developed for use with tablet terminals such as the iPad, and Peach has been making preparations to date for the full- fledged incorporation of iPad terminals with cooperation from Airbus, Jeppesen, and SoftBank Corp. After establishing a management structure for the use of this app as well as the terminal and upon completing training for its crew, Peach has obtained approval from the aviation bureau and has thus become ready to begin operational evaluation. The introduction of  EFB is a first-ever for a Japanese LCC.

By leveraging EFB, digitalizing print manuals which are used in the cockpit, and disseminating information on changes in its manual in a rapid manner, Peach will continue to aim for the safer operation of its aircraft. Furthermore, the reduced weight of aircraft that will result from digitalization is also expected to lead to improved fuel efficiency and reductions in CO2 emissions, as well as optimized operational efficiency from computerized calculations of aircraft functions during takeoff and landing.

As to ground operations, Peach will distribute the latest aeronautical weather information supplied by weather news company FOSTER NEXTGEN to its crew through the use of iPad*2 and leverage it for its safe operation of its fleet.

Through further introductions of the latest technologies, Peach will continue to aim for safer operations that offer the highest quality.


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