Nordic Unmanned acquires 2 Camcopter UAVs

The S-100. (PHOTO: Schiebel)

Use this oneNordic Unmanned has acquired two CAMCOPTER S-100 systems. One has already been delivered and the other will be delivered in Q2 2021. The acquisition comes after successful sulphur sniffer operations in Denmark and France. The CAMCOPTER S-100 was also recently operated for the world’s first full-scale offshore UAV cargo delivery to the active oil and gas platform Troll A in Norway. These operations were both carried out by Nordic Unmanned and Schiebel.

Schiebel and Nordic Unmanned are both under contract with EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) to fulfil its Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) services. Nordic Unmanned specifically for maritime pollution and emissions monitoring. The CAMCOPTER  S-100 measures the ships’ sulphur emissions to check compliance with the EU rules governing the sulphur content of marine fuels. Measurements are transmitted in real time through the EMSA RPAS Data Centre to the relevant authorities.

The CAMCOPTER S-100 operates day and night and can carry multiple payloads with a combined weight of up to 50 kg. Due to its minimal footprint and size, it is ideally suited for maritime operations.

Use this one

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