New Zealand CAA issues RED A03 type acceptance


art-SimulationRaikhlin Engine Developments announced the type acceptance of its RED A03 Series Engine by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. By granting type acceptance, New Zealand operators can realise the benefits of this powerful engine in several different and exciting applications. Approval was granted to two variations of the engine. The New Zealand Authority accepted both the RED A03-003 and the RED A03-102.

The RED A03 has been approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA). The addition and approval of the New Zealand Authority serve further to demonstrate the versatility and reliability of this unique engine.

The RED A03 offers significant benefits to many operators in a diverse range of fields. The engine’s high power output makes it ideal for use in aircraft requiring short take-off capability. The powerplant also allows operators to increase the maximum permitted take-off mass. The phenomenal output of this engine is also particularly useful in areas of high terrain. The RED A03 boasts excellent high altitude performance.

Operators utilising the engine can expect to see further benefits. Compared side by side with engines producing similar output, the RED A03 consumes up to 40 percent less fuel. The engine’s versatility is further increased by its ability to utilises JET A1 fuel

In a country as wild and remote as New Zealand, reliability and safety are of crucial importance. When choosing a powerplant for single-engine aircraft, operators need an engine that offers a high degree of redundancy. The RED A03 features two cylinder banks, each capable of independent operation. The RED A03 is a solid choice when it comes to flight safety.

Remote and isolated airfields, such as those found in New Zealand, don’t always offer advanced maintenance facilities. The RED A03 powerplant was custom designed to allow cost-effective and easy maintenance. It features onboard FADEC with its own memory. This system can give advanced notice of technical unserviceability. This allows operators to make early decisions and perform a very accurate diagnosis of faults. As a result, this reduces aircraft downtime.

Gaining acceptance by a national authority is no small feat. Engine manufacturers have to satisfy stringent requirements. This includes an extensive review of all the engines’ technical data, documentation, capabilities and performance. RED Aircraft is delighted to have succeeded in all of the above areas, gaining approval from the New Zealand Authority as a result.

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