Mock-up of the new CR929 cabin interior revealed at the Zhuhai Airshow in China


CR929 cabin interior mock-up revealed at the Zhuhai Airshow in China

The manufacture of a new wide-bodied jet is a momentous occasion for any country and for any company. It takes a great many people to pull together and create a visionary solution in aviation.

The CR929 cabin mockup is designed by COMAC-SADRI. tangerine (a design firm from London) who has long term relationship with COMAC proposed the concept of the bar area, first-class and business class seating, and galley division. BAIDEG (from Germany) manufactured the mock-up and completed the mock-up details for the CR929 that was shown at the Zhuhai Air Show.  To explore the potential improvement of flight experience is important to both passengers and flight crew and COMAC-SADRI used the tool of industrial design to help CR929 in the wide-body airplane competition.

Points of innovation include the introduction of ‘smart’ overhead luggage bins, multi-theme intelligent lighting, integrated passenger service unit (PSU), a new bar area, and design of the new First, Business and Economy class cabins. The First and Business class offer integrates cutting-edge technology into the seating design; introducing a soft OLED screen, wireless charging, and multiple sensors that are incorporated into the seat and work to enhance passenger comfort. Overall the trim and finish of the new cabin interior has been inspired by China-Russian cultural and contemporary references; making this a truly joint Sino-Russian enterprise.

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