Metrojet teams up with data manager Portside

Metrojet Teams Up

CFM-WaveHong Kong-based Metrojet has recently teamed-up with Portside, Inc, a cloud-based data platform provider, to offer Metrojet’s aircraft management clients a single portal to review integrated information, including financial, maintenance, crew and operational status of the aircraft. The digital platform combines trip planning, crew and staff scheduling, expense management, and financial and accounting data for clients’ convenience. All data is derived from Metrojet’s secure internal systems to ensure proper data security is in place.  Metrojet targets to implement Portside on selected management aircraft in Q3 2021.

“At Metrojet, we are committed to providing clients with relevant real time data at their fingertips. Portside is a dynamic and expansive platform that meets all our client requirements.  This new system will not only enhance client visibility of the aircraft operation, but will also highlight statistics which can be used as a business tool to reduce costs and improve efficiency,” said Kobus Swart, Director, Flight Operations at Metrojet.

“We are delighted to partner with Metrojet team to deploy the Portside Data Platform and assist in delivering world class technology to aircraft owners across Asia” said Alek Vernitsky, CEO of Portside, Inc.

Established in 1997, Metrojet as part of the Kadoorie Group, pioneered business aviation services in Hong Kong and remains one of the foremost safety and customer-focussed business jet operators and maintenance providers in the Asia Pacific region. The company provides all-inclusive aircraft management, charter, maintenance, and aviation consultancy services to our growing business aviation customer base. Portside Inc is a San Francisco based technology company supporting business and government aircraft operators in over 25 countries.

 香港公务航空服务运营商美捷香港商用飞机有限公司 最近与云端数据平台供货商Portside, Inc连手合作,为美捷公务机托管客户提供一综合平台,可检视飞机财务、维修、机组及运行等信息。

此数字平台结合了飞行计划、机组人员调度、费用管理,以及财务和会计等数据,方便客户一览无遗。所有数据均来自美捷内部系统,确保信息妥善、安全。美捷期望可于2021 年第三季度在选定的托管飞机上实施Portside

美捷香港商用飞机有限公司飞行运行总监Kobus Swart 说:“在美捷,我们致力为客户提供触手可及的实时、相关数据。Portside 是一个互动性强且广泛的平台,能够满足美捷客户的需求。新系统不仅帮助客户检视飞机运营,更突显数据统计可作为降低成本和提升效率的工具。” 

Portside, Inc. 首席执行官Alek Vernitsky 表示:“我们很高兴与美捷团队合作推出Portside 数据平台,向亚洲的飞机持有人提供达国际水平的技术。” 



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