Lufthansa Systems helps Really Cool Airlines to take off

Airplane Really Cool Airlines


  • The new international airline from Thailand chose Lufthansa Systems as a strong partner for airline IT, using their operations and navigation solutions
  • RCA will increase efficiency and save costs with these solutions
  • The airline takes another significant step towards its maiden flight in 2024
  • Signing the contract

Lufthansa Systems and Really Cool Airlines (RCA), a new international airline in Thailand, have signed a contract to implement Lufthansa Systems’ operations and navigation solutions Lido Flight 4D, Lido mPilot and Lido FMS.

Lido Flight 4D’s advanced technology computes the most efficient routes considering real-time flight data, like weather conditions and Air Traffic Management restrictions, as well as various cost factors such as ATC charges, resulting in substantial savings for the airline.Lido mPilot streamlines flight navigation by providing seamless access to terminal charts, dynamically generated enroute maps, an Airport Moving Map (AMM), and operational documents on their iPad. It helps RCA’s pilots to streamline their workflows for more efficiency. Lido FMS provides RCA with the highest quality, complete, certified aeronautical data with worldwide coverage for their flight management system. Approved for onboard navigation, the solution enhances flight safety and reduces the crew’s workload.

Patee Sarasin, CEO of Really Cool Airlines, said: “At Really Cool Airlines, we’re committed to innovation in every aspect of our business, and we will offer our customers unparalleled travel experiences. To achieve this, we need strong and experienced partners for all aspects of our operations. Lufthansa Systems is such a strong brand and has a proven track record with other aviation customers in the region. The Lido solutions’ unique capabilities will help us to maximize savings and efficiency. This agreement with Lufthansa Systems clearly demonstrates our continued progress towards our first flight in 2024 and is a significant building block in our operational readiness.”

With Lufthansa Systems, the new airline has selected a leading provider of airline IT that combines in-depth aviation know-how with IT expertise in a unique way. Lufthansa Systems has been developing standard-setting solutions for over 25 years that have been well-proven and are constantly optimized.

“We are excited to support Really Cool Airlines in their effort to commence flight operation in 2024 as well as during their ambitious plans to innovate the flight experience for their passengers in the coming years. In partnering closely with RCA, we will be their one-stop solution for operational and navigation-related services and additionally strengthen our position in South East Asia”, added Tom Vandendael, CEO Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific.

Background information on the solutions
With Lido Flight 4D, the highly effective and interactive flight planning tool from Lufthansa Systems, RCA’s dispatchers can optimize flight routes, considering current flight-related data such as fuel consumption, costs, and flying time. This way, the dispatch can be fully automated. Lido Flight 4D allows for individual optimization of flight phases and offers a range of automation options, from fully manual to fully automatic. The solution provides accurate and up-to-date flight plans with advanced features such as real-time data updates, weather data integration, and fuel price updates. That will help RCA achieve maximum operational efficiency, safety, and stability in a highly dynamic Air Traffic Management environment.

The pilot solution, Lido mPilot, will enable RCA to increase the safety and efficiency of their pilots’ operations. Lido’s all-in-one charting application for the iPad offers easy access to terminal charts, a dynamically generated enroute map, an Airport Moving Map, as well as all required operational documents. The charts are generated electronically using a worldwide geographic information database and all necessary aeronautical source data, making them precise and of high quality.

Lido FMS provides operators with a comprehensive, certified navigation database containing all relevant aeronautical data with worldwide coverage, including information about airports, airways, waypoints, radio beacons, holding patterns, and approaches. Lufthansa Systems holds an EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 for this navigational database and complies with relevant industry standards such as RTCA DO-200, RTCA DO-201 and ARINC 424.


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