Japan first for Airbus ACJ


Airbus has won its first order in the Japanese corporate jet market, signing a deal with a private customer for an ACJ319.

“Our first Airbus corporate jet sale in Japan builds on the growing presence of our modern airliner family, as well as encouraging greater use of business jets to help grow what is, today, the world’s third-largest economy,” says Airbus chief operating officer, customers, John Leahy. “Cabin comfort and space are key in our business, and Airbus corporate jets offer more of these than any other business jet,” he adds.

Corporate jets are widespread in many of the world’s economies, but are still proportionately few in some of the largest, such as Japan, where the opening of the first dedicated business terminal in Tokyo, Premier Gate Narita, will help to pave the way for more of them.

Airbus says the ACJ319 has the widest and tallest cabin of any corporate jet, while being similar in size externally to traditional business jets. Airbus has 170 business jet orders since the concept was introduced in the mid-eighties.

Airbus has won around 170 corporate jet orders since Airbus delivered its first corporate jet in the mid-Eighties.


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