Inmarsat strikes GX Aviation deals


Inmarsat strikes GX Aviation deals

Satellite network provider Inmarsat has made Thales a value-added reseller of its new GX Aviation, with Rockwell Collins set to follow.

Thales firmed up a Memorandum of Agreement signed last September, which made SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation the primary and preferred satellite connectivity services for Thales’ TopSeries IFEC system.

Rockwell Collins signed a Memorandum of understanding to become a value-added reseller through its recently acquisition of Arinc.

Inmarsat has had a long-term strategic relationship with Rockwell Collins and ARINC, which is now part of Rockwell Collins’ Information Management Services (IMS) business.

GX Aviation is collaboration between Inmarsat and Honeywell Aerospace, with the latter providing the hardware for onboard connectivity.


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