Hong Kong Airlines launches Miyazaki route


Hong Kong Airlines launches Miyazaki route

Hong Kong Airlines launched a twice-weekly service between Hong Kong and Miyazaki, Japan, becoming the only airline in Hong Kong operating this direct flight service. Miyazaki is situated in the southeastern part of Kyushu.
The flight service for the Miyazaki route is currently in the form of direct charter service, with ticket reservation handled by designated travel agents.
The Hong Kong-Kagoshima service, another Japan route operated by Hong Kong Airlines, celebrated its first anniversary on 30 March.
“Since its launch last year, the route has become popular among tourists,” says the carrier. “To further meet the growing market demand, commencing on 12 May 2015, the Company will expand its Kagoshima flight service from twice a week (every Thursday and Sunday) to three flights a week by adding a Tuesday flight.”

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