Honeywell, MYAirline sign APU deal for A320 Fleet


SeoulHoneywell and MYAirline announced their first Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) maintenance contract on the airline’s fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. MYAirline will receive Honeywell’s excellent APU maintenance services for its 131-9A APUs, to support continuous operational uptime, flight safety and reliability for its fleet of 22 aircraft.

APUs are critical for service-readiness as they ensure passenger comfort and supply the air source before the pilot starts the main engines. The Honeywell 131-9A APU is known for its high performance and reliability, and lower maintenance costs that results in significant fuel savings. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the 131-9A APUs, Honeywell will help MYAirline reduce flight delays and cancellations with annual maintenance cost plans and predictive trend monitoring programs.

Eric Ai, Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific Honeywell Aerospace noted, “We are thrilled to partner with MYAirline to provide Honeywell’s APU maintenance services. With Honeywell’s 131-9A APUs being used across 230 airlines globally, we are well positioned to support MYAirline’s maintenance requirements. As we anticipate significant travel growth this year and beyond, this maintenance contract with MYAirline is testament of our commitment to ensure that customers receive dedicated services for safe and service-ready aircraft. We look forward to strengthening our ties in the years to come.”

Rayner Teo, Chief Executive Officer at MYAirline said, “Reliability, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. This is especially important when we start flying to regional destinations and encounter a variety of situations while on the ground. Also, as we started our service with sustainability in mind, fuel efficiency and overall package was attractive to us. Reducing our carbon footprint is another reason why we went with Honeywell – as we add more aircraft to our fleet, even more savings can be realised. It is also synonymous with the measures that we’ve already taken on other parts of our aircraft and processes.”

Yeong-Chuan Lim, Country President, Malaysia & Singapore Corporate, Honeywell, said, “Honeywell’s APU services are world class, and our maintenance contract  with MYAirline will offer a peace of mind for the maintenance services of their A320 fleet. Safety is a priority to us, and it’s important that passengers fly comfortably and safely. I am confident that Honeywell will deliver optimal performance margins for MYAirline and its customers, which will strengthen our position as a trusted service partner in Malaysia and the rest of the region.”

This five-year, non-exclusive maintenance contract will service MYAirline’s entire fleet of A320 aircrafts, which is expected to increase from 22 to 55 aircraft  over the next three years.

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