Gogo partners with APT Mobile Satcom for Chinese airlines

APSTAR 6D's footprint covers all of China.

Gogo partners with APT Mobile Satcom for Chinese airlines

Gogo and Asia-Pacific satellite operator APT Mobile Satcom announced an agreement to provide inflight connectivity service for Chinese airlines with Gogo’s 2Ku network. Gogo will use APT’s Ku-band network to enable inflight Wi-Fi within China for domestic and international airlines. APT’s network includes both wide-beam satellites and High-Throughput Satellites (HTS), with the APSTAR 6D satellite offering HTS capacity and 100 percent coverage over China for inflight connectivity in mid-2020. The partnership will include network management services via APT’s Network Operating Centre (NOC) and data centre in China, in tandem with Gogo’s global Ku satellite network outside of China.

APT was incorporated in Shenzhen, China, in July 2016, to build an Integrative Space-Ground Self-Controllable Global Broadband Satellite Communications System through launching three or four satellites. The first satellite, APSTAR-6D, will be launched and in service in 2019. APSTAR-6D is a new generation of high-throughput (HTS) telecommunication satellite covering substantially all land and ocean of the Asia-Pacific region and provide whole-terrestrial and all-weather high-quality, efficient, cost-effective satellite broadband internet access telecommunication services in aviation, maritime, and land mass respectively.


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