Gippsaero GA8 Airvan sets off again


Gippsaero GA8 Airvan sets off again

Hawker Pacific, leading aircraft sales and product support company in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, is set to tour a Gippsaero GA8 Airvan through the Asia-Pacific region for a second time, in response to the huge demand seen during last year’s tour.

The aircraft will visit various locations across the region, including Palawan, Cebu, Cavaos and Manila, where it will be demonstrated to potential buyers.
“There was phenomenal interest in the GA8 during last year’s tour and we are very pleased to bring it back to those who missed out. Operators in this part of the world understand that the features of the GA8 are perfectly suited to the region. It’s a rugged, durable and flexible aircraft that works very well under tough conditions,” said Tony Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Hawker Pacific.

“The GA8 is perfectly suited to island and remote destinations due to its incredible flexibility and ability to land on short, unimproved runways.”
Between November and February last year, the 200th GA8 Airvan toured the Asia Pacific region to much fanfare, before being sold at the Singapore Airshow.
“Our last tour was hugely successful with many people viewing the aircraft. We actually sold the last demonstrator to a customer as they were very keen to get their hands on it. Many of our demonstration slots are already filled and we urge anyone interested to contact us for an appointment as soon as possible,” said Jones.


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