GE navigation database hits 400 million flight hours

avionics-legacy-commercial-solutions-Nav-and-MCDU Aviation recently achieved 400 million flight hours and 37 years of on time delivery of their navigation database to airlines globally. GE’s navigation database (NDB) provides worldwide coverage and access to more than 18,000 airports. Each NDB is customised for the customer and allows the ability to include their own tailored terminal procedures and company routes from a GE navigation database and test them against FMS flight planning and predictions software. GE’s experts provide 24 hour per day, seven days a week customer service.

“We are grateful to have the dedicated team, technology and experience to enable us to produce and make 150,000 navigation database deliveries to our airline customers,” said Jeremy Barbour, general manager, Connected Aircraft for GE Aviation. “This support of our flight management system portfolio provides a range of compatibility and functionality for an airline’s navigation data requirements.”

GE Aviation offers a variety of tools, data products and services in support of its flight management systems, and with a wide range of compatibility and functionality designed to meet the many navigational data needs of the airline community. One such tool is GE’s NDB Explorer which enables an interactive view into the content of the navigation data through browse, search and compare functionality, and even allows customers to view NDB content graphically.

GE has long-standing partnerships with leading global data-service providers. These partnerships and supporting processes have been in operation for decades and ensure that deliveries are on time and compliant with relevant international quality standards. GE also works closely with the data-service provider to explore opportunities to enhance data-service offerings and deliver increased value to the airlines.

GE’s flight management system (FMS) assists military and airline flight crew in managing and optimising a flight from takeoff to landing. Included in GE’s FMS advancements are the TrueCourse™ FMS and Connected FMS providing connectivity and new software architecture allowing FMS functions to be developed as modular components for ease of update.

GE continues to make advancements in its flight management technology to help customers and operators stay ahead of the technology and below the cost curve. With GE’s Connected FMS, operators will be able to achieve even greater gains for their fleet through applications that take advantage of on-board high bandwidth connectivity and electronic data exchange.

GE Aviation’s flight management software provides increased situational awareness and operation efficiencies on more than 14,000 aircraft including Airbus A320/330/340/A330 MRTT, Boeing 737 (all variants), P-8, E-6B, USAF E-4, C-130J, LM-100J and KC-46. GE certified their first flight management system in 1984.

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