Euramec Strengthens Operations in China with New Sales Office and Team Expansion

Euramec flight simulator

Euramec Strengthens Operations in China with New Sales Office and Team Expansion

Hangzhou ‘China Innovation-Drive Strategy’ Supports Euramec China Drive 

Euramec, the European provider of advanced flight simulation solutions, officially opened its Sales and Support office today in Hangzhou as a response to the company’s continued growth within the Chinese market.

The office will be home to a new team consisting of hardware and software support engineers, to support Euramec’s strategic partners and clients in China.

In addition to bringing world-class technical support, the Hangzhou Sales and Support office will develop flight simulation systems and go to market with products that are developed, created and sold in and for the Chinese market.

A Diamond DA-20 simulator and other cockpit panels are available for demonstrations and to run applicable software tests.

Euramec appointed Dalvey Tan as Executive Director – Training and Maintenance

Dalvey Tan joins the expanding Euramec China team to drive new business and strengthen existing operations in the region. The Greater China region is a core focus for Euramec, as the General Aviation and Business Aviation markets continue to grow in size and significance.

Mr. Tan will also seek out new business opportunities and solutions that help meet the needs of Euramec’s existing clients in the region.

Euramec has a product and services portfolio that includes flight simulation solutions, flight training and maintenance services.

Mr Tan brings more than 15 years of experience with Chinese high-tech and aerospace to the Euramec team, having most recently served as Vice President & Managing Director of HZ Yong Rong Trading Co. in Hangzhou.

The Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government

In June 2018 Hangzhou City Jianggan District Council awarded Hangzhou Euramec Aviation Technologies Co. Ltd. with the First Prize Startup STAR Program Award to support an initiative to set up an R&D centre in Hangzhou, China.

They will offer design and production services to aircraft manufacturers requiring custom-made Flight Simulation Devices (FTD) for training and engineering purposes in China.

The Euramec R&D Center will design and create FTDs for China’s Civil Aviation market as well as for China’s General Aviation and sporty Ultra-Light aircraft (ULM). These ULMs are lightweight, 2-seat fixed-wing aircraft — extremely light and are lightly equipped with avionics, making them inexpensive to purchase and maintain.

All training devices are fully functional for both flight training/flight simulation as well as for crew and maintenance training programs.

About Euramec
Euramec designs and manufactures professional pilot training devices and simulator solutions.

The line of flight simulation solutions is focused on aircraft-type specific fully-simulated cockpit with integrated hardware replicas of aircraft-specific parts – that allows pilots to train on normal and abnormal procedures in a free play simulation within a 3D spatial environment.

Euramec provides accurate aircraft type training solutions to develop and deliver flight simulator solutions that serve to enhance safety.

EASA and CAAC certified fully functional glass cockpit solutions for A320 and B737, with customized real-time flight motion simulation. are under development.

Euramec delivers its integrated services to commercial flight training centers, military and government agencies as well as private flying schools – providing a turnkey high-fidelity flight simulation solution to customers worldwide.

Euramec is based in Belgium with sales offices in Europe, Canada, Shanghai, Harbin, Hong Kong and Singapore and an R&D Center in Hangzhou.


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