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Embraer and 4AIR partner on carbon offsetting to new business jet owners; New Ka-Band in Flexjet’s Legacy 500 fleet in Europe installed: 1,500th Ipanema aircraft delivered

The Embraer E2 'TechShark' on display at the Singapore Airshow. (PHOTO: Matt Driskill)

https://www.aircraftinteriorsexpo.com/?utm_source=asianaviation&utm_medium=barter&utm_campaign=aavwebsitebannerhomepagemarchEmbraer and 4AIR partner on carbon offsetting: Embraer and 4AIR announced that new Embraer business jets customers who enrol in the company’s Embraer Executive Care programme will receive 25 hours of complimentary carbon-neutral flight hours through 4AIR, offsetting their carbon emissions during their first year of ownership. “Embraer is committed to ensuring that the future of aviation is sustainable, and to that end we are aiming to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040 and are supporting the industry’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our partnership with 4AIR will incentivise business jet customers to make their own long-term commitment to sustainability and demonstrate ways they can start acting now, even as alternatives like SAF are not yet abundant and new technologies are still in development,” said Johann Bordais, president and CEO, Embraer Services & Support. Embraer, as part of its commitment to building a sustainable future, announced new ESG targets in 2021. To achieve this goal, the company is beginning to increase its use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and is simultaneously working to make products 100 percent compatible with SAF. Additionally, Embraer is researching and developing a range of products, services, and disruptive sustainable technologies, including electrification, hybrid, and other innovative energy alternatives. The company will also be offsetting any residual emissions that cannot be reduced through efficiency projects, available alternative energy or advancing technology. Embraer, through 4AIR, will offer carbon offset credits at no cost to customers. Projects funded by 4AIR carbon offset credits include renewable energy programs, the enhancement of carbon-absorbing forests and the support of local projects that reduce deforestation, generating social and economic benefits. After completion of the 25 flight hours through the inaugural Executive Care program, Embraer’s customers will be able to continue their commitment to fighting climate change through participation in 4AIR programs. The initial 25 hours are at 4AIR’s Level 1 (Bronze) which offsets 100 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. Embraer customers may opt to continue to participate at that level or increase their commitment to becoming emissions-neutral (by offsetting non-carbon climate-changing emissions such as nitrous oxides) or reducing emissions through measures such as operational changes or the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Embraer installs Ka-Band in Flexjet’s Legacy 500 fleet in Europe: Embraer announced that Flexjet is the first Legacy 500 customer in the world to install Ka-Band, which provides fast, home-like connectivity, as an aftermarket modification on its European fleet of the business jet model. This new capability is available through a service bulletin for the Legacy 450, Legacy 500, Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 business jets. Embraer also offers the Ka-Band from the factory, as an optional item, for the Praetor 600 and the Praetor 500. “We saw demand in the market for Embraer to offer this aftermarket solution and now we are able to proceed with the installation of this feature in the field,” said Marsha Woelber, vice president of Worldwide Executive Jets Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales, Embraer Service & Support. “This modification is available to customers who desire this high-speed capability which provides the best experience and connectivity on board.” The Ka-Band provides high-speed internet access for the fastest in-flight connectivity, enabling customers to access e-mails, exchange files, stream video content, among other features, allowing several devices connected at the same time.

Embraer delivers 1,500th Ipanema aircraft: A technological icon in Brazilian agriculture with five decades of operation, Embraer has delivered the 1,500th  Ipanema agricultural aircraft. The aircraft, which received a commemorative painting alluding to this historical moment and references to national agribusiness, was received yesterday by the rancher Carla de Freitas, owner of Agropecuária Bela Vista, based in Vilhena in the state of Rondônia. The rancher, who is also one of the founders of the Women’s Agribusiness Nucleus (NFA) and a member of the content committee of the National Congress of Women in Agribusiness, participated in the delivery ceremony at the Embraer Unit in Botucatu, São Paulo countryside, where the Ipanema EMB 203 aircraft is manufactured. “It is an honour to receive the 1,500th Ipanema from a genuinely national company like Embraer, which develops technologies to improve production techniques in Brazilian agriculture. Embraer is a company that demonstrates its commitment to Brazil’s technological, agricultural and environmental agenda, with an aircraft powered 100 percent by ethanol,” said Carla de Freitas. “Furthermore, being a woman receiving an aircraft from a female pilot demonstrates the company’s value and care with the gender inclusion theme.” The celebration comes amid another year of record sales for the aircraft, which registered 39 new orders in the first five months of 2022. This volume is 22 percent higher compared to the same period last year. Embraer’s agricultural aviation division delivered 42 Ipanema aircraft in 2021, an increase of 90 percent compared to 2020. With the current sales figures in early 2022, the company solidifies its market leadership position, which relies on Ipanema’s efficiency, productivity, and robustness, and remains an essential tool for the country’s agribusiness. Powered by ethanol since 2005, the Ipanema became Embraer’s first certified and series-produced aircraft to fly with renewable energy, leading a broad front of the company’s historic performance in research and use of biofuels in aviation. The aircraft is the market leader in the aerial spraying segment, with a 60 percent national share.

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