EHang debuts commercial flight demos in China

ehang-photo-3 announced that the certified EH216-S pilotless passenger-carrying aerial vehicles have successfully completed debut commercial flight demonstrations in Guangzhou and Hefei respectively, marking another major step towards normalising flights with EH216-S in aerial sightseeing at local scenic spots.

Guangzhou and Hefei are two additional demonstration cities selected for UAM operations in strategic partnership with EHang for establishing a leading presence in the emerging low-altitude economy industry.

The first EH216-S passenger-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle system which has obtained the world’s first standard airworthiness certificate, has been successfully delivered to ETON, an intelligent aviation technology subsidiary of Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., and has been deployed at the Jiulong Lake operational site. More operation sites and flight routes for aerial sightseeing and logistics are under development in Huangpu district as well.

In addition, Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Industrial Investment Capital said they would jointly set up a Guangzhou Development District Low-Altitude Industry Venture Capital Fund with the target fund size of RMB 10 billion.

Based on the strategic partnership agreement with EHang in October this year, the Hefei Municipal Government intends to facilitate the purchase of at least 100 units of EH216 series pilotless aerial vehicles from EHang, and/or provide financing support, amounting up to a total of US$100 million.

Shenzhen Bao’an District and EHang launch demo centre
EHang announced the launch of the UAM Operation Demonstration Center at OH Bay, a renowned landmark in Bao’an district, Shenzhen. Following the EHang’s strategic partnership with the Shenzhen Bao’an District Government in July, this significant milestone marks another big step forward towards the parties’ joint efforts for the launch of aerial sightseeing services for the next phase. The UAM Centre was built within a four-month period by Bao’an Transportation Group with the support from the Bao’an District Government. It covers a total area of approximately 4,600 square metres, hosting a comprehensive set of facilities including a bespoke eVTOL vertiport for EHang’s passenger-carrying pilotless eVTOL aircraft EH216-S, hangars, a command-and-control center, passenger waiting area, a service center, and various expended essential amenities.


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