Collins Aerospace and Hainan Airlines sign FlightSense agreement

Collins Aerospace and AVIC LETRI receive FAA TSO certification; Collins Aerospace and HAIG sign deal for shipsets on HAIG helicopters

Hainan-Airlines Aerospace and China’s Hainan Airlines signed a FlightSense contract to provide Hainan Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 787s with customisable support solutions to reduce repair time and costs. The agreement with Hainan Airlines, which builds on a 30-year relationship between the two organisations now includes a total of 185 aircraft on multi platforms through 2025.

The FlightSense agreement is a tailored maintenance program designed for Hainan Airlines’ unique operational requirements. Collins will help ensure availability of Hainan Airlines’ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) supply chain management. Products supported under this contract include the air management and electric power systems on Hainan Airlines’ B787 fleet of 40 aircraft. In addition, Collins will continue to provide Hainan Airlines with exceptional MRO services at a reduced cost, while relying on Collins’ distinctive OEM technical capabilities for optimised product performance and aircraft uptime.

“This is a significant contract for Collins and Hainan Airlines as we begin a new support relationship for their B787s, a milestone for FlightSense in China,” said Mike Yue, regional director, customer & account management. “We look forward to providing more comprehensive MRO services to ensure the health of Hainan Airlines’ fleet and increased operational efficiencies.”

Wang Qi, General Manager of Procurement Department of Hainan Airlines said, “Hainan Airlines will benefit from the dedicated services from Collins Aerospace.”

Collins Aerospace and AVIC LETRI receive FAA TSO certification

Collins Aerospace and AVIC Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute (LETRI) announced that they have received TSO certification for COMAC’s C919 Weather Radar Flat Plate Antenna (WFA), designed by LETRI, from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A TSO is a minimum performance standard for specified materials, parts, and appliances used on civil aircraft. AVIC LETRI is a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) which formed a joint venture company – AVIC Leihua Rockwell Collins Avionics Company (ALRAC) – with Collins Aerospace in 2013. ALRAC focuses on bringing the latest surveillance products to the COMAC C919 aircraft. “We have been working with LETRI since 2016 to become a qualified supplier for COMAC’s C919 and this is a significant milestone for our partnership as the WFA is the first FAA TSO certified avionics component to be developed and manufactured by a company in China, with more on the way”, said Grace Du, managing director for avionics, “This is testament of our long-term commitment to our local customers and partners.”

Yufeng Cheng, President of AVIC LETRI said “With the lead and support from COMAC, Collins and LETRI jointly develop C919 Integrated Surveillance System (ISS) based on C919 aircraft requirement. Meanwhile, in order to better promote C919 project progress with COMAC, Collins and LETRI have founded Joint Venture ALRAC. This WFA is fully independently designed, produced and manufactured by LETRI, and finally achieves FAA TSO-C63f airworthiness certification with the support from Collins. Also, LETRI develops RTM, RF Switch for C919 ISS system. The success of WFA TSO certification shows the effectiveness of our close cooperation over the years, as well as the feasibility of the cooperation model. We are believing that this successful experience will play a positive role and bring a good demonstration effect, which also will lay a good foundation for our further long-term win-win cooperation.”

“We are glad to see C919 equipped with indigenous WFA, and it marks a great progress in the cooperation between Collins Aerospace and LETRI”, said Guo Jiawen, Deputy GM of Procurement and Supplier Management Dept. of COMAC, “The success of the C919 program relies on the successful cooperative partnership of our suppliers. COMAC is confident in the success of C919 with the support and commitment of our suppliers.“

Collins Aerospace and HAIG sign deal for shipsets on HAIG helicopters

Collins Aerospace and AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industries Corporation (HAIG) today announced a contract signing for seven additional shipsets for the HAIG AC312 series of helicopters. This is an extension of a long-term contract signed in 2015 for 100 shipsets. The avionics shipsets consist of the latest helicopter cockpit display system, communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) equipment for increased situational awareness and safety. “This contract is testament of our capability to provide HAIG with solutions to meet their requirements of safety, reliability and efficiency now and for the long term,” said Grace Du, managing director of avionics. “Together with our worldwide MRO network, Collins is well positioned to support the delivery and operation of HAIG’s civil helicopter fleet in China and beyond.” Zhang Liwen, VP of HAIG said “Collins Aerospace is an important partner for the AC312E program of AVIC HAIG. The two sides have always kept good cooperation and friendship. We would like to express our thanks to Collins Aerospace for the great support to the AC312E program in the field of avionics.”

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