China Airlines retires last 747-400 passenger plane

China Airlines
(PHOTO: China Airlines)

Use this oneThe last 747-400 passenger aircraft in Taiwan will soon enter retirement so a “Farewell My Queen” send-off party was held by China Airlines on 12 April. The chairman of China Airlines, Su-chien Hsieh, and other top executives along with a hundred Dynasty members and retired employees were on hand to pay their respects to the Queen of the Skies and witness the retirement of the 747-400 from the China Airlines fleet.

Hsieh said that the 747-400 has provided an exemplary flying experience to the carrier’s passengers over the last 30 years. The past year has been a very trying period with the COVID-19 pandemic so the carrier has focused on improving its overall operational efficiency. The retirement of the 747-400 represents a changing of the guard in the China Airlines fleet. To pilots, the 747-400 was a very safe and stable aircraft to fly. China Airlines will continue to embrace this commitment to aviation safety and follow the principle of sustainability in optimising its operations to satisfy all demand for air travel.

The “Farewell My Queen” event started with a documentary on the last passenger-carrying flight of the 747-400. Cabin crew also wore classic China Airlines uniforms from different eras as a tribute to the enduring legacy of this great aircraft. To say goodbye to the Queen of the Skies and an old friend, China Airlines executives invited all Dynasty members and retired China Airlines employees on the day to line up and form the numbers “747”.

A gallery of old 747-400 photos was also set up by China Airlines. Ya-ling Chen, a senior cabin crew instructor, served as the guide and said that the 747-400 carried many people overseas during Taiwan’s “Economic Miracle.” To many of her colleagues, their memories of transoceanic routes were inextricably interwoven with the 747. The First Class cabin attendant training unique to the 747 that she underwent was a high honour that cabin attendants aspired to. Chen was therefore very grateful to the 747-400 for this crowning moment of her career.

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