China Airlines and AFI KLM E&M extend their GE90 engine support contract



  AFI KLM E&M and China Airlines have signed an extension to their engine support agreement, which will now cover the GE90 engines powering four additional Boeing 777 Freighters operated by the airline. The initial contract dates back to June 2021, establishing an exclusive long-term partnership between the two parties on a “Power By the Hour” (PBH) basis, including MRO services on engines and LRUs, engineering solutions, spare engine support and transportation, and on-wing and on-site services. China Airlines also benefits from AFI KLM E&M’s exclusive predictive maintenance solution, Prognosâ for Engine.

Bolstering the bond of trust

Jia-Min Sun, Senior Vice President of China Airlines, said: “This extension builds upon the trust-based working relationship established between our two airlines in 2021. Under our PBH agreement we’ve been satisfied with AFI KLM E&M’s performance, confirming its role as a partner that is both reliable and highly responsive to our needs, during a period in which China Airlines is expanding its capabilities and operations in the air freight market.”

 Tommaso Auriemma, Vice President Sales Asia Pacific at AFI KLM E&M, added: “We are truly honoured at this latest show of faith in our ability from China Airlines. This extension further demonstrates our services’ proven track record on the GE90 product, and in a wider sense the effectiveness of our adapted maintenance solutions for cargo fleets – a particularly dynamic and strategic sector for our clients given the current international context.”

The largest non-OEM provider of GE90 services

Air France-KLM Group is the second-largest GE90 operator in the world. As an airline-MRO, and through an extensive technical development program, AFI KLM E&M has acquired unparalleled resources and expertise in GE90 engine overhaul and maintenance. With its comprehensive in-house repair, overhaul and test capabilities, AFI KLM E&M provides support for nearly 450 GE90 engines on behalf of its international airline customers.

Combining its operator status with over 80 years of MRO experience providing daily operational support to customers, AFI KLM E&M is the world’s largest non-OEM provider of GE90 services. Thanks to its long-standing engineering expertise as an MRO centre of excellence, AFI KLM E&M is able to optimize the costs of maintenance programs by avoiding premature removals for overhaul, optimizing shop visit work scopes and minimizing costly parts replacement.

A strong community of GE90 customers

To gain the trust of China Airlines, AFI KLM E&M has demonstrated its performance levels and compliance in terms of facilities and work methods. In 2021, China Airlines joined a robust community of AFI KLM E&M customers operating the GE90, further strengthening AFI KLM E&M’s footprint in the GE90 PBH market, which is particularly important in China and Southeast Asia. This latest step is the continuation of a close-knit relationship between the two groups, since China Airlines and Air France-KLM Group are both SkyTeam partners. Taipei, meanwhile, is a destination served by both French and Dutch airlines.


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