Cathay Pacific migrates critical ops to the cloud

Cathay Pacific migrates
(PHOTO: Via Lufthansa Systems) Systems successfully migrated Cathay Pacific’s operation critical systems to the Global Aviation Cloud (GAC), including NetLine Ops++, NetLine/Sched and NetLine/Plan. The migration to the GAC represents a strategic step towards optimising operational efficiency. The GAC’s secure and scalable infrastructure ensures a reliable performance and seamless integration of Lufthansa Systems’ products, allowing the airline to maintain a competitive edge in the aviation industry that is constantly evolving.

Lufthansa Systems’ GAC was developed specifically for the needs and security standards of airlines. It offers a complete service from a single source while also including hosting and the necessary infrastructure. By migrating to the GAC, Cathay Pacific will benefit from a future-proof deployment model that will allow the airline to focus on their core business and quickly adapt to dynamic business requirements.

“We are pleased to have these operational and business critical systems in Lufthansa Systems’ Global Aviation Cloud,” said Lawrence Fong, Director Digital and IT at Cathay Pacific. “Having been working with NetLine/Plan, NetLine/Sched and NetLine/Ops ++ we have experienced Lufthansa Systems as a reliable partner. This new infrastructure set up has enabled us to deliver enhanced value to customers faster and with improved performance.”

“We would like to thank Cathay Pacific, for their trust placed in our Global Aviation Cloud and their support during the migration project,” said David Parrish, Vice President of Sales, Southeast Asia, China & Indochina at Lufthansa Systems. “This milestone would not have been achievable without Cathay Pacific’s collaboration and valuable feedback, which continues to drive our pursuit of excellence,” said Charlotte Seitel, Sales Director, Hong Kong and Macau.

NetLine/Ops ++ is the operation control system from Lufthansa System. Cathay Pacific is benefitting from the systems’ ability to optimise the daily utilisation of their flights, an increased user productivity and improved airline management when there are deviations from their regular schedule. By collecting and evaluating a wide range of data such as critical weather conditions or technical aircraft limitations, NetLine/Ops ++ can alert Cathay Pacific about potentially critical situations so they can quickly initiate measures to prevent and resolve disruptions.

As a scheduling solution from Lufthansa Systems, NetLine/Sched supports Cathay Pacific in all aspects of developing and managing flight schedules. By measuring the profitability impacts of alternative scheduling scenarios NetLine/Sched delivers a flexible and robust aircraft schedule.

NetLine/Plan is an industry-leading network planning tool from Lufthansa Systems developed in collaboration with leading network airlines worldwide. Offering exceptional speed, accuracy, and transparency, it empowers airlines to maximize profitability across an airline’s entire schedule.


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