Bye Aerospace announces sales, avionics deal

The eFlyer 2 electric prototype.

Bye Aerospace announces sales, avionics deal

Electric plane maker Bye Aerospace announced that air taxi operator Quantum Air has signed a purchase deposit agreement for 22 of its all-electric four-seat eFlyer 4s and two deals for the two-seat eFlyer 2 airplane. The company also signed a comprehensive agreement that includes two future advanced aircraft under development from Bye Aerospace.

George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, welcomed Los Angeles-based Quantum Air to the growing list of customers. “One of Quantum Air’s goals is to disrupt aviation, providing more accessible, cost-efficient, high speed air transportation solutions — including FAA Part 135 on-demand air taxi travel— to help alleviate the noise and CO2 emissions challenges that accompany traditional internal combustion aircraft,” he said.

Bye Aerospace is developing the FAA FAR 23-certified family of eFlyer general aviation aircraft, starting with the eFlyer 2, for the flight training mission.

It also announced it has finalised a supplier agreement with Garmin to provide its eFlyer 2 with the full suite of new Garmin G3X Touch avionics.

“Garmin is supplying the full VFR to IFR instrument capability, ADAHRS, GPS, transponders and standby instruments,” the company said. “We are so pleased that eFlyer 2 will utilise the most advanced avionics technology available. Garmin’s reputation for providing comprehensive, intelligible, superior avionics systems aligns with our goal to provide flight schools and owner/operators with the safest, most reliable, and innovative pilot training aircraft ever produced.”


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