Boeing announces service deals for Asia-Pacific


Boeing announced orders and agreements with Asia-Pacific airlines to support customers in the rapidly growing region. The digital and supply chain deals focus on airline crew situational awareness and Boeing says will also help save on costs. “We continue to establish and grow relationships in this key region of the world, working closely with our Asia-Pacific customers to understand their unique operating requirements,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO, Boeing Global Services. “We’re evolving our digital services and parts support to meet our customers’ needs while increasing the efficiency of their operations.”

According to Boeing’s 2019 Services Market Outlook, the Asia-Pacific commercial aviation services market is projected to grow by 5 percent annually over the next 20 years into a US$3.4 billion aviation services market by 2038.

New orders and agreements include:

Interglobe Aviation (IndiGo), a low-cost carrier in India, has signed an agreement to integrate Jeppesen Ops Control and Tail Assignment solutions to optimise crew schedule management and manage aircraft. Ops Control allows IndiGo to manage aircraft flight schedule and crew assignments on the day of operation, while Tail Assignment improves on-time performance, lowers fuel and maintenance costs and utilises aircraft more efficiently by analysing operational data.

Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines have signed agreements for Boeing 777 Performance Improvement Package 2.0 to support their 777-300ER fleets. This includes a number of recommended aircraft modifications, associated retrofit parts kits and accompanying service bulletins to implement aerodynamic improvements that improve aircraft fuel efficiency and payload/range capability, without requiring the airline to make significant operational policy or procedural changes. Since the original 777 Performance Improvement Package 1.0 was first offered, 23 participating airlines implementing these recommended modifications have reduced fuel consumption by more than 3.4 billion pounds (515 million gallons) of fuel, translating into more than US$1.1 billion in fuel related savings and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 9.4 billion pounds.

Shandong Airlines has signed a multi-year agreement to renew Jeppesen NavData services for enhanced operational efficiency.

Shenzhen Airlines has agreed to a multi-year renewal contract for Jeppesen tailored electronic flight information services. This service provides the airline with global flight data and navigation chart coverage that is designed specifically for their unique operational requirements to increase operational efficiency on the ground and in the air.

Peach Aviation has achieved a significant operational milestone by being the first Japanese airline to introduce Jeppesen Airport Moving Map capabilities to further streamline paperless operations in the flight deck. Jeppesen Airport Moving Map services allow Peach Aviation to indicate their airplane positioning and review other data in the dynamic airport environment, providing greater situational awareness on the ground, as part of their pioneering electronic flight bag (EFB) integration process in Japan.

Malaysia Airlines has signed its first consumables and expendables services agreement. The agreement appoints Boeing as an integrated supply chain solution provider for global consumables and expendables management support.

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