BAA Training, HNCA open training centre in China

New facility designed to provide capacity of 40,000 flight hours per year and train approximately 4,000 pilots.

The signing ceremony for the new training centre took place on 14 June. (PHOTO: BAA Training/Avia)

BAA Training China, a modern six full-flight simulator (FFS) aviation training centre was open in China in mid-June. Following the joint venture (JV) agreement between Avia Solutions Group (ASG), a global multi-service aviation company and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company (HNCA), signed in July 2019, the companies have established the new BAA Training China training centre in Zhengzhou city, Henan province. The new training centre is designed to provide capacity of 40,000 flight hours per year and train approximately 4,000 pilots.

An artist’s rendering of the new centre. (PHOTO: BAA/Avia)

With almost five hectares of land chosen in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone (ZAEZ), HNCA built a state-of-art training facility of 10,000 square metres. The facility is planned to be equipped with six Boeing and Airbus family FFSs, training devices, modern classrooms, and a luxury lounge zones.

“The opening of the brand new training centre, BAA Training China, in Henan province is a significant milestone for Avia Solutions Group and also a big step forward in the partnership of Avia Solutions Group and HNCA. The alliance of Avia Solutions Group’s broad expertise in aviation services and HNCA competence in construction, process management and other relevant fields, create a synergy in business and add value to the city and country. Although we are going through a short downsize in the airline sector, we expect to have a bright future and believe that the aerospace industry, as the biggest economic contributor, will recover and keep developing further,”  said Gediminas Ziemelis, chairman of Avia Solutions Group.

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