Aviation News in Brief 4 September 2020

Sabre, Collins Aerospace, Universal Avionics

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Use this oneSabre signs central reservations deal with Yukai Resort: Sabre announced a new agreement with Yukai Resort in Japan, which is renowned for its Onsen Ryokan, or hot spring, properties. Yukai Resort will use Sabre’s SynXis Central Reservations system along with the SynXis Booking Engine with Channel Connect and Voice Agent across its 29 properties to control all reservations in real-time from one scalable platform while increasing geographic reach, boosting booking conversions and enhancing the guest experience. SynXis Central Reservations will enable Yukai to distribute rates and inventory from its hotels and resorts to 400 online channels across the world, including all major GDS systems, as well as hundreds of online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch engines and call centres. Meanwhile the SynXis Booking Engine offers built-in dynamic personalization along with a full suite of digital services to increase consumer engagement and convert browsers to bookings. Channel Connect further simplifies and automates distribution, maximising exposure to local, regional and global markets while SynXis Voice Agent will equip Yukai staff with advanced tools to deliver a personalized experience through guest recognition, facilitating the creation of tailored packages and providing further opportunities for increased revenue per transaction.

Collins Aerospace adds mobile phone check-in and baggage drop offering: Collins Aerospace Systems has produced a new Kiosk Connect product to eliminate the need to physically touch kiosk screens during airport check-in and baggage drops. By simply scanning a QR code with their mobile device, passengers can quickly connect to a common use kiosk using either the airport’s public Wi-Fi or the kiosk’s built-in Wi-Fi, with no requirement to download any apps. From there, users complete the check-in process on their phones and produce boarding passes and bag tags without ever touching the kiosk screen. Another product, Collins Aerospace’s ARINC SelfPass system, is able to complete a passenger’s contactless journey through the use of a single token ID driven by secure biometrics. SelfPass can be applied to multiple points in the process, including check-in, immigration and security, lounge access and boarding. Each step can be completed in a matter of seconds with no need to present traditional boarding and identification documents. Air travellers simply step up to the camera for a facial match against the biometrics database then proceed.

Universal Avionics introduces new voice and data recorders: Universal Avionics (UA) has introduced its new KAPTURE line of cockpit voice and flight data recorders (CVR/FDR). The company’s sixth generation of recorders has received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorisation and meets all of the latest certifications and requirements, including ED-112A compliance, allowing operators to fly around the world. The KAPTURE product line includes five model options, offering a customized recording solution: CVFDR-1650 (Combined CVR and FDR unit); CVFDR-1650R (Combined CVR and FDR unit with embedded RIPS); CVR-1651 (Baseline CVR); CVR-1651R (CVR with embedded RIPS); FDR-1652 (Baseline FDR); The CVR and CVFDR models each offer a patented internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) option. A new Flight Archive Ground Maintenance PC Tool allows for faster downloads and field-loadable software updates. Paired with improved download speeds from the CVR/FDR itself, and removing the need for a Quick Access Recorder (QAR), operators will see significant savings in time and maintenance costs. Additionally, a new lithium-free 90-day Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) is included, which does not require special reports, issue papers or dangerous goods shipping.

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