ARINC Border Management helps smooth Vietnamese PAX flows


ARINC Border Management helps smooth Vietnamese PAX flows

The implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Border Management solution at all international airports in Vietnam has resulted in a 90 percent improvement in passenger processing times, and an 80 percent improvement in the quality of the data when compared to the data handled manually.

Under the terms of the contract signed with the Civil Authority of Vietnam early this year, Rockwell Collins ARINC Border Management Solution provides analysis and deciphering of Advance Passenger Information (API) data, system monitoring, troubleshooting and training.

The ARINC Border Management solution allows the government and airport authorities in Vietnam to review the passenger information before the aircraft lands, optimizing efficiency and passenger flow, as well as enhancing the overall border security and control.

“In addition to our organization, Vietnam’s airlines have responded positively to the system’s ease of use and the support provided by Rockwell Collins in implementation and troubleshooting,” explained Nguyen Dinh Dung, the immigration official in charge.

Forty-one airlines are currently reporting through the system.
“We’ve configured the solution for Vietnam to process this data and present it to the airport authorities in a consistent and legible format. These enhanced features provide validation of key aspects of the data that fall within defined ranges and highlight when information is out of the defined parameters,” said Heament John Kurian, managing director, IMS Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins.

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