APAC aviation benefits outlined


Over 24 million jobs and US$470 billion in GDP in the Asia-Pacific region are supported by aviation, according to a new report by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) and Oxford Economics.

“In the Asia-Pacific region alone aviation directly employs over two million people,” says Paul Steele, executive director of ATAG. “If we include indirect employment at suppliers to the industry, induced employment from spending by aviation industry employees and the jobs in tourism that air transport makes possible, this increases the regional figure to 24.1 million jobs. In addition, Asia Pacific economies derive substantial benefits from the spending of tourists travelling by air.

“Of course, aviation’s economic benefits spread far beyond the monetary aspects outlined here. When you take into account the further benefits gained through the speed and reliability of air travel, the businesses that exist because air freight makes them possible and the intrinsic value to the economy of improved connectivity, the economic impact would be several times larger,” adds Steele.

Andrew Herdman, director general of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) adds: “Aviation plays a critically important role in fostering successful economic and social development, particularly here in Asia. This report highlights the fact that the Asia-Pacific region already accounts for 34% of passenger traffic worldwide, ahead of both Europe and North America (27% each), led by dynamic growth in the major emerging economies. Looking ahead, the Oxford Economics analysis suggests further growth can provide an additional 1.4 million jobs in aviation across the region by 2030 – and if you include the tourism benefits, up to 4.6 million jobs.”


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