AMETEK MRO Announces Global Expansion of Business Jet MRO Capabilities

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AMETEK MRO, a leading provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, is proud to announce the global expansion of its business jet MRO capabilities. This strategic move aims to meet the growing demand for high-quality maintenance services for business jets and further solidify its position as a trusted partner in the aviation industry across its main business pillars of Actuation, Aircraft Safety, Avionics, Landing Systems, Power Generation, and Thermal Management.

With the rapid expansion of the business aviation sector worldwide, AMETEK MRO AEM and ANTAVIA have recognised the need to enhance their MRO capabilities to provide comprehensive and reliable support for business jet owners and operators. The Company’s commitment to excellence, coupled with its deep expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, makes it well-positioned to address the evolving requirements of this dynamic industry.

As part of the global expansion plan, AMETEK MRO Singapore has invested in the establishment of a new wheel & brake repair shop which is targeting the business jet market across AsiaPAC with its fast turnaround and quality standards. Trained by AMETEK MRO ANTAVIA, the company’s France-based wheel & brake specialists which also operate new premises at Paris CDG and an established shop at Campsas-Toulouse, the team in Singapore has seen demand quickly ramp up. The strategically located new facility enhances the global wheel & brake services offered, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency for all clients’ business jet fleets.

AMETEK MRO AEM in the UK announces its expanded heat exchanger capability which delivers technically superior repairs for ACJ and BBJ aircraft. AEM is qualified to solicit repair business globally and with exclusive access to OEM documentation, technical support, and materials, the MRO has built a range of work scopes to better support a wide range of large business jet operators.

“ The crucial benefits we offer the business jet sector as an MRO are speed and flexibility,” says Ismael Fadili, VP Sales, Europe. “Our relationships with the OEMs enable us to stay abreast of the market with an inside track to changes and developments that improve the repair of heat transfer parts. Value to our customers is delivered through comprehensive aftermarket component repair capabilities underpinned by OEM quality.”

Fadili goes on to say that the expansion of AMTEKn MRO’S business jet MRO capabilities will involve the integration of advanced technologies, innovative processes, and highly skilled technicians within each facility, AMTEK MRO aims to provide a wide range of component repair services, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of parts such as wheels & brakes, avionics upgrades, life rafts and other specialised repairs. These services will be tailored to the unique needs of each business jet, ensuring the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.” _

AMETEK MRO is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with OEMs, business jet owners, and operators, offering them a seamless MRO experience that prioritises safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness. By providing cutting-edge MRO capabilities, the company aims to support the operational success of its customers and foster the overall advancement of the industry.


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