ALSIM announces new simulator deals


ALSIM announced the University of North Dakota (UND), has bought a new ALSIM Airliner simulator to address their jet training needs. This will be the first ALSIM Airliner in North America.

The Airliner is the brand-new hybrid simulator (Fly-by-wire and conventional control) manufactured by ALSIM to address large flight training programs for advanced training such as Crew Resource Management Jet Aircraft Handling and Emergency Procedures. The versatile simulator is close to a variety of different single aisle aircraft, such as the B737MAX, A320, A220, E190-E2 or the SSJ100. Its generic flight model is based on the same requirements as Full Flight Simulators Level D and provides the latest technology available in modern aircraft with similar automation and flight management systems.

Chad Martin, Fleet Manager for UND Aerospace, highlights: “ALSIM’s approach to the Airliner is different from any other device we have in our simulation training fleet. The opportunity to configure various aircraft models is unique and powerful, allowing our students to prepare for all types of Jet aircraft. The enclosed spacious instructor station promotes private instruction. It also welcomes students to observe training, encouraging peer learning.  UND Aerospace is very excited to start this chapter with ALSIM’s team in educating the next generation of airline pilots.”

Dr Scott Firsing of ALSIM’s North America office adds: “The unique simulator will help equip the UND students obtain the required airline pilot skills in communication, decision making, leadership, and teamwork. Moreover, instead of only memorising one specific airplane cockpit and systems, the more advanced yet generic layout of the Airliner enables one to focus on the key skills needed before they get hired and then subsequently type rated in the aircraft they will actually be flying.”

ALSIM sells simulator to School4Pilots in Germany

ALSIM announced it is strengthening its presence in Germany as School4Pilots GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, has acquired an ALSIM ALSR20 simulator.

The ALSR20 is the brand-new simulator manufactured by ALSIM and is the exact replica of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft. This Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 5 is specifically designed for PPL and IR training needs. The device reproduces the Cirrus SR20 specific interior cockpit and flight deck and comes along with a Garmin GDU 1050A and GFC 700 Autopilot. The ALSR20 is equipped with a Garmin GMA 350C – All digital Audio Panel and a Garmin  GCU 479. The device can also simulate the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

Ulf Meckbach, CEO at School4Pilots GmbH, said “As one of the youngest flight schools, School4Pilots GmbH was founded at Hanover Airport in Germany in 2021. Since then, we have strived to offer our customers the best service and to fulfil their dream of flying with the most modern aircraft. This includes, that we in particular train exclusively on glass cockpits and only work with professional and experienced flight instructors at an international commercial airport. As commercial and airline pilots, we know that the goal of good training to become a safe pilot can be best supported and achieved more quickly by using a professional flight simulator. After we decided to include a brand-new Cirrus SR20 G6 as a charter and IFR training aircraft, it quickly became clear that we wanted to use the ALSIM ALSR20 simulator as an addition to our aircraft fleet. The combined use of a real aircraft and the identical EASA-certified simulator (ALSR20) ensures that customers can train in any situation under realistic conditions, regardless of the weather.”

Nicolas De Lassus, sales account manager at ALSIM, said “It’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with the School4Pilots GmbH team for the last couple of months. We hope that it’s the beginning of a long and successful cooperation between our two companies.”

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