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https://www.bigmarker.com/series/ebace-connect/series_summit?utm_bmcr_source=MediaSkynetSkyNet Aviation launches operational management solution: Following extensive R&D investment over several years at its Australian headquarters, SkyNet Aviation announced the launch of a flight operational software and analytics solution. Anticipated to change the way Operational Control Centres (OCC) function, the REACH Aero solution can provide real-time data coherence across every aircraft, all locations and any system within an aviation company, with significant cost reduction potential and easily accessible data analytics, enabling CEOs and CFOs to make effective, real-time business decisions and plan for profitable growth. As the aviation industry plans for its post-COVID-19 future, REACH Aero addresses many of the key issues faced by mid-tier fleets – and will also be of considerable interest to new outfits setting up without an OCC legacy – providing them with the operational tools and capabilities normally only available to major airlines. REACH Aero Day Of Operations is a clear, comprehensive and integrated picture of present flight, business, staffing, compliance and engineering conditions. It works by networking live data to industry-leading specialist applications and then cross-referencing the outputs against to-the-second aircraft tracking, presenting the data onto a single, easy-to-interpret ‘pane-of-glass’ display. It also enables decision makers to predict the consequences of various responses to an issue by testing the system’s inputs and then modelling the outcomes. There are eight major aspects of aviation operations under the REACH® Aero Day Of Operations umbrella: Flight Monitoring; Flight Scheduling, Crewing & Rostering; Flight Dispatch; Critical Weather; Fleet Management Business Analytics; On-time Performance & Turnaround Reporting; Flight Information Display System; Engineering Planning Support.

CorpFlying Colours completes inspection on Global XRS: Flying Colours has completed a 120-month heavy maintenance inspection for a Bombardier Global XRS aircraft. In addition to the airframe inspection and maintenance strip down, the aircraft underwent additional upgrades including the equipping of Ka-band connectivity and ADS-B Out installation. The Honeywell JetWave Ka-band system necessitated hardware installation of a tail-mounted antenna, cabin router, modem and associated wiring to support global high-speed connectivity. Full external paint work completed the aircraft enhancements before redelivery to the owner. A further three Bombardier Global aircraft are scheduled for ten-year heavy checks over the next six months at Flying Colours Corp.’ North America facilities. A full pre-purchase inspection accompanied the maintenance work, which was conducted on behalf of a UK-based customer. The positioning into North America for the complex project highlights a growing trend Flying Colours is noticing as European owners and operators recognise the distinct benefits of having maintenance, interior, avionics, and paint work projects completed in parallel in-house at a single location at competitive rates.

LEAPLEAP engine passes 10 million flight hours: CFM International’s LEAP engine has surpassed 10 million engine flight hours and five million flight cycles in less than five years of commercial service. Since the first LEAP-powered flight entered commercial service in August 2016, the engine program has grown exponentially. Nearly 1,400 LEAP-powered aircraft have been delivered to some 136 operators on five continents to date. CFM is actively working to deliver on its clear ambition to build a more sustainable future, leading with the LEAP engine, which is providing operators a 15 percent improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to previous generation engines, along with dramatic reductions in noise emissions. All this technology is focused on providing higher utilisation, including CFM’s historical reliability, greater asset availability, enhanced time on wing to help keep maintenance costs low, and minimised maintenance actions, all supported by sophisticated analytics that enable CFM to provide tailored, predictive maintenance over the life of the product.

AirportAirport Dimensions expands US lounge network: Airport Dimensions, a global airport experience specialist and leader in the US lounge market, is strengthening its line-up of lounges with the opening of a number of new locations, expanding on a current network of 28 locations at 19 airports. The biggest lounge provider in the US, Airport Dimensions will further expand its lounge brand, The Club, with new lounges launching later this year at airports including Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (The Club CLE) and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (The Club CLT). The Club CLE, with its open ambiance, natural lighting and views over the busy airfield, has been designed by award-winning Texas-based architects Ibanez Shaw. It will offer The Club’s signature designated zones to ‘Rest, Relax, and Replenish’, providing a high-end airport experience for the modern traveller. The lounge will be launched in partnership with local Airport Concessions Disadvantage Enterprise Floh Vodka, FLOHPORT LLC, a Cleveland based minority business owned company. FLŌH serves up a hand crafted, small batch, gluten free, allergen free and Kosher Seal certified Vodka made from the finest American corn and pure Oregon water. The Club CLE guests can be sure that when they experience FLŌH – The Caviar of Vodka – they will be introduced to a life of luxury and ultra-sophistication.

SkySky Power successfully completes FAR33 endurance test: Sky Power tested its SP-55 TS carburettor engine to demonstrate its endurance and reliability using a high stress running profile per FAR33. “After a test period of 150 hours, as well as another 30 run-in hours prior to testing, the SP-55 TS successfully completed the test,” said Karsten Schudt, managing director of Sky Power. Prior to starting, various objectives were defined that were to be achieved with the endurance test. These included load limit and endurance data. At the same time, the airworthiness of the engine was proven and documented by Sky Power qualifying reliability against defined FAA standards. “And, of course, we wanted to collect data to further assess product operating limits, maintenance schedules, and hourly operating costs as they relate to the product life cycle,” said Schudt, describing the test objectives. The SP-55 TS is an air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 55 cc (10.37 cu in). The engine uses Sky Power electronic ignition and a Walbro HDA6A carburetor for fuel delivery. The fuel used in the test run was unleaded gasoline, in four different versions, at a 50:1 oil premix ratio. Engine power is 3.07 kW (4.18 hp) at 6,500 rpm. The engine is designed for a direct-drive propeller in a thrust or tug configuration.

ENVISIONRusada launches new maintenance app for ENVISION: Aviation software provider Rusada, has released a new mobile application for its airworthiness, MRO, and flight operations solution ENVISION. ENVISION Tasks enables technicians and engineers to efficiently conduct maintenance using a tablet device. The app streamlines the execution process by delivering all the functionality users need in one place. Assigned tasks can be viewed, actioned, and signed-off from within the app, and during the process parts and tools can be requested and any findings reported. The new app also allows users to work offline, in both planned and un-planned scenarios. When offline working is planned, users can download a work package in advance and then perform maintenance tasks without an internet connection. When unplanned, in-progress tasks can still be executed, time booked, spares requested and many other functions, which will then sync back to the main database once a connection is restored.  The app is available on Windows 10, iOS, and Android tablets.

234_FirefightingColumbia Helicopters and Aurora Flight Sciences partner on tech: Columbia Helicopters and Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing company, have entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore the design, integration, testing, and demonstration of an enhanced pilot situational awareness (EPSA) degraded visual environment (DVE) flight capability on a Columbia helicopter to be used for aerial wildland fire suppression. Since aerial firefighting began, fire suppression from aircraft has largely remained a clear air, daytime endeavor. Visibility hazards, such as wildfire smoke, limit aircraft operations on fires to approximately one-third of the available day. While night vision devices (NVDs) are enabling some expansion to night operations, nothing currently exists to enable pilots to fly safely in DVEs caused by thick and persistent smoke during the day. Columbia and Aurora aim to overcome these limitations with a new flight system that integrates multiple aircraft-mounted sensor technologies that enhance situational awareness and deliver a real-time, clear, synthetically-adapted image to the pilot. “This technology brings the true capability to operate safely in DVE conditions, day or night, vastly expanding Columbia’s capabilities,” said Santiago Crespo, Columbia’s vice president of growth and strategy. “When aircraft have the ability to fight fires in all conditions, they can significantly contribute to reducing acres burned and the overall ballooning cost of fires.” The DVE flight system is expected to combine inputs from an on-board modular sensor suite with Aurora’s automated trajectory planning technology to identify safe flight paths. Data from these systems is visually represented in a transparent heads-up display mounted to the pilot’s helmet, providing navigation and critical flight data in a simple real-time display to support both daytime and night-time operations.

FirstVortex Aviation inducts first GTF PW1000G: Vortex Aviation announced the induction of the first Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan (GTF) PW1130G-JM engine at its new Davie, Florida USA facility. The induction of the GTF PW1000G series engine adds to the capabilities of the Vortex facility including CFM LEAP 1A/1B, CFM56, IAE V2500 and other commercial jet engines. Vortex relocated to the new 45,000 square foot state-of-the art engine maintenance facility in the fall of 2020. As a result of this expansion, Vortex Aviation is now able to maximize its capacity to support the entire next-generation of narrow body fleet of A320 NEOs and 737 MAX, plus regional fleets such as the A220, E190, E2/E195-E2 powered by GTF while continuing to support the older generation of turbine engines. “We are excited to reach this new milestone inducting our first GTF PW1000G engine series at our new Davie facility,” said Timothy Forbes, managing director/accountable manager of Vortex Aviation. “The increased capacity at the new engine shop has broaden our customer activity and scope of work to provide strategic support for the next generation of engine models, allowing us to achieve new business and remain a well-established and recognised leader in engine field services support.”

HAECOFarsound to provide engine maintenance kits for HAECO: Farsound announced a new collaboration with the Global Engine Support division of the HAECO Group, providing consigned kits for On-Wing and In-Field engine maintenance. HAECO is one of the world’s leading independent aircraft engineering and maintenance groups. It is also one of the largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers in terms of capacity. Through its 16 operating companies around the world, HAECO Group offers a full spectrum of services including airframe services, line services, component services, engine services, inventory technical management, fleet technical management, cabin solutions, private jet solutions, freighter conversion, parts manufacturing and technical training. Farsound provides advanced kitting solutions for different engine platforms directly to assembly lines, providing all parts at a single location. Lee Kelsey, Farsound’s group sales director, said: “Farsound is looking forward to further strengthening our partnership with the HAECO Group, while expanding our range of kit solutions in line with the continued expansion of HAECO global engine support capabilities and facilities.”

BreezecopyEmbraer and Breeze Airways announce pool programme: Embraer announced that it has signed a long-term pool programme agreement with the US carrier Breeze Airways to support a wide range of repairable components for the airline’s E190s and E195s fleet. The agreement includes full repair coverage for components and parts, as well as access to a large stock of components at Embraer’s distribution center, which will support the start of the airline’s operation. The programme will provide the most efficient and reliable solutions to Breeze’s E-Jets fleet. The airline will benefit from the availability of spare parts, enjoy significant savings on repair and service costs, and maintain a profitable operation. Currently, the pool programme supports more than 50 airlines worldwide. Embraer’s flight hour pool programme is designed to allow airlines to minimise their upfront investment on high-value repairable inventories and resources and to take advantage of Embraer’s technical expertise and its vast component repair service provider network. The results are significant savings on repair and inventory carrying costs, reduction in required warehousing space, and the virtual elimination of the need for resources required for repair management, while ultimately providing guaranteed performance levels.

flyingVietjet bounces back in the first quarter of 2021: Vietjet Aviation released its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 with positive indications of recovery. The quarterly revenue and post-tax profit of Vietjet’s parent company totalled VND2,845 billion (approx. US$123.3 million) and VND110 billion (US$4.77 million) respectively. Its consolidated revenue and consolidated post-tax profit for Q1/2021 were VND4,048 billion (US$175.7 million) and VND123 billion (US$5.3 million) respectively. Vietjet gained such profit from investments in finance and projects and develop new aviation services to offset the stagnant air transport business. Vietjet has also transferred all of its owned treasury shares in the first quarter to strengthen its balance sheet and cash flow in support of the air transport sector. The airline still maintained its efficient cost control through innovative and creative programs and measures to cut back on expenditures while optimizing fleet operations with a 52 percent of cost reduction and a year-on-year decrease of 39 percent of costs for ancillary sale and administration. Vietjet has transported nearly 3.6 million of passengers on more than 21,000 flights over the first three months of the year. Its On-time Performance (OTP) rate has stayed at the global high of over 90 percent.

JetJet Aviation secures FAA Part 125 Certificate: Jet Aviation announced that it has received Part 125 certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), authorising the global aviation service provider to operate aircraft that seat 20 or more passengers. Part 125 certification was developed by the FAA to establish a uniform set of certification and operational rules for large aircraft with a seating capacity of 20 or more passengers. The company used a Boeing 787 aircraft as its prototype in the Part 125 filing process. With Part 125 certification, Jet Aviation can now operate large aircraft carrying groups of 20 or more passengers, such as corporate groups, educational institutes or sports teams. Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics with 4,000 employees and 50 locations worldwide. Jet Aviation’s offerings include aircraft management, aircraft sales, charter, completions, defence, FBO, maintenance and staffing.

ALSIMALSIM signs deal in Turkey: ALSIM has signed a deal with Bluewings Aviation, a DGCA approved General Aviation Company located in Çorlu, Turkey, which bought an ALSIM AL250 simulator. The AL250 simulator addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP re-configurable simulator certified as an EASA FNPT II. In addition, it offers both classic and glass cockpit instrumentation for each flight model at the simple flick of a switch. This device has been extremely well received since its creation and more than 65 of these have already been installed and are in successful operation worldwide. “We would like to proceed on new projects about professional aviation with support of the ALSIM experience and EASA standards.” according to Sezai Demirseren, owner of Bluewings Aviation. Bluewings Aviation was founded by flight instructors Kenan Karaman and Sezai Demirseren in 2017, providing approved mobile maintenance services for piston aircraft.

signeddnata signs MOU to cut food waste:  dnata, a leading global air services provider, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Blue Aqua Food Tech to boost food security in Singapore. The partnership will see Blue Aqua upcycle organic waste from dnata’s catering and ground handling operations into alternative insect protein for aquafeeds. Blue Aqua’s innovative bioconversion solution processes underutilized nutrients from the leftovers that can be transformed into quality insect proteins for aquacultural use. The bioconversion is a virtuous circle that makes the insect protein a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional fishmeal. Compared to traditional protein, insect protein is a sustainable solution with low land, water, and carbon footprint, offering a very high yield. The partnership will supply Singapore’s farmers with sustainable access to domestically produced animal feed, which is traditionally imported. The MoU is the starting point to a deeper partnership between Blue Aqua and dnata, which will look into the development and implementation of a ‘Zero Waste’ master plan. The air services provider will also add Blue Aqua to its list of suppliers to purchase locally farmed seafood for its catering operations.

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