AAV In Conversation with Subhas Menon, head of AAPA on Asian airlines, COVID-19 & going green



Subhas Menon, director general of AAPA.

Asian Aviation Editor Matt Driskill is In Conversation with Subhas Menon, director general of the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines. Menon and Driskill discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the Asian aviation industry as well as the industry’s efforts to go carbon-neutral. Menon joined the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines in March 2020. Menon has over 35 years’ experience in international aviation with the Singapore Airlines Group, having served in a wide spectrum of roles including international and government relations, marketing, product development, logistics, country and regional management. In his various roles in the airline industry over the past three decades, he has developed a solid skill set that includes successfully building and managing relationships with different stakeholders, strong communications and public speaking skills as well as commercial acumen honed across different regions. As regional vice president for an Asian airline in various regions around the world, and having also served as chief executive of SilkAir, Menon is familiar with the Asian airline environment, its market dynamics and the region’s diverse political landscape. Building on his early experience in international relations, he has well-developed lobbying and negotiation skills as well as dealing with government affairs, which makes him well-placed to undertake the kind of advocacy and lobbying activities AAPA conducts as a trade association on behalf of its member airlines. Menon is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Sociology.

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