AAV In Conversation with Keishi Nukina on Japanese aviation, COVID-19 & sustainability


Keishi Nukina.

Asian Aviation Editor Matt Driskill is In Conversation with Keishi Nukina, the creator of the aviation blog KNaviation.net in Japan. Nukina is also a contributor to Asian Aviation Magazine. The two discuss Japanese aviation in general, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the legacy carriers and low-cost carriers as well as the industry’s efforts on “going green” or sustainability. Also discussed was the Japanese public’s appetite for so called digital health passports for use if and when international travel does reopen in any meaningful way and discussed the current Olympic Games underway in Tokyo and travel restrictions affecting the country. Nukina’s passion for aviation started at a very young age when each year, he would fly from Slovakia where he was born and raised to Japan where half of his grandparents were living. He launched KN Aviation in 2015 and since then had a chance to cover a wide variety of experiences on the blog including inaugural and final airline flights and flights on NASA research aircraft. In addition to publishing content on KN Aviation, Nukina has also contributed to a number of aviation magazines including AIRLINE (Japan), Airliner World, and Asian Aviation.

When not spending time with his family, traveling, or “avgeeking,” Nukina works as a freelance consultant with Shulman Advisory, a consulting company focused on the Japanese energy industry, and a number of other clients, and runs an online content publishing business. He speaks Slovak, English, and Japanese.

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