AAV In Conversation with Ida Adora Ismail of Systematic Aviation Services in Malaysia


Asian Aviation Magazine Editor Matt Driskill is In Conversation with Ida Adora Ismail, the chief executive officer of Systematic Aviation Services (SAS) of Malaysia. Ismail took over the company’s top job as CEO following the death of her father and has worked there since 2017 after spending several years in Australia attending university. “My late father, Ismail Asha’ari, the founder of SAS, always believed in working hard and doing things in an orderly manner,” she explains. “With a team of five, the company ventured into aircraft maintenance services and now has made the jump from managing a fleet of buses to taking care of a fleet of airplanes and helicopters. This was an auspicious beginning for SAS. Today, with uncompromising principles and integrity, we still strive and live by his words to ensure that we aim to achieve our goals that give emphasis on building trust by giving our best.

Ida Adora Ismail, CEO of Systematic Aviation Services.

“We operate in a challenging and niche industry. Therefore, it is imperative for us and our clients that SAS be capable of navigating requests and demands on their behalf in order to keep the operations and businesses running smoothly. Having said that, at SAS, we do not rest on our laurels but instead we stand strong and committed in enhancing our capabilities. At the same time, we continue to leverage our strengths in order to positively contribute to the aviation industry as an aviation service provider in terms of service, reliability and quality. Moving forward, each of us at SAS, collaboratively ensure that we will always offer nothing but ultimate solutions for your ultimate needs. We recognise that a strong relationship needs strong partnership and thus, we look forward to building a strong market presence as we expand our services both locally and internationally. Finally, my role as CEO of SAS goes beyond the traditional role of a CEO. Instead I bear the responsibility to ensure that I honour my late father’s founding principles. Given this, we will continue to aim at reinforcing the legacy that my father has created in line with the vision and mission of this company, which is to make Malaysia the central aviation hub, home to the region for aviation activities.”

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